Watch questions :-)

Just a quickie.

Thinking about getting a watch just to log distances and times. Doesn't need to be fancy. Looking at Garmin FR60 at moment could anybody suggest alternatives, perhaps something cheaper? Does'nt have to have GPS.

Also does the Garmin Connect program cost anything to use? I just like the idea of easily logging my runs and seeing where I am at fuss free.

Thoughts and ideas appreciated


  • Hi, can't offer much advice sorry other than yes, Garmin connect is Free, as is the Garmin Training Centre (PC Based). If your looking at the FR60 with a Heart Rate Monitor then I'd urge you to look at the recently discontinued FR410 - much more watch for a few pounds more. If you have time to read lengthy reviews then try dcrainmaker.


  • Many thanks. Thats the website I used to make my decision but I also saw the Garmin Forerunner 10 as pretty decent and good price. Ill have a look at the fr410 image

  • the FR10 is good but the battery life is 5-6 hours tops. Which is obviously fine for a lot of stuff but not if your into ultras.

  • Thanks for heads up. I got a 24 hour jobby coming up in August so this will be rather pants image I was looking at the Soleus but it doesn't seem as though you can upload data??

  • Whats the difference between instant and lap pace. the Garmin FR110 says its measures lap pace?

  • I have a FR 110 which is pretty good but again the battery life is about 8-9 hours.

  • Just seen

  • Just seen Ultrasport navrun and bought it lol  77quid. When i'm injury free and have used it I will say what I think of it. Just seemed for the features and money the best buy. Plus seen some very good reviews for it. You can also upload the data to Garmin Connect which is what I really wanted

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