Achilles decompression

I am aged 64 and live in the beautiful Shetland Islands,

In my running past (in England), I have completed 32 full marathons, around 150 half marathons, plus many various races of shorter distance and thousands of miles in training runs.

In recent years, since I moved here, my training runs have been less frequent and of far shorter length; largely because I have nobody to go running with in my area.


About 14 months ago, I woke up with an achilles pain that has not cured. the lump on the achilles is as large and as painful as ever. I have had over 20 appointments with the 3 physios here and done all the exercises asked of without success. My GP passed me on to a podiatrist who has given me wedges to wear within both of my shoes but, again, this has made no difference.

I have now seen a visiting orthopaedic guy, at our hospital, who has put me down to have an achilles decompression operation. I have read some of the articles, via google, and am now frightened about it.

At the moment, if I try and jog (with painkillers, elastcated bandage and ibuprofen gel), I can do it ok for up to 3 miles but am in pain afterwards. it is much the same when I go walking up here. I am in pain even getting up for a pee in the night (not an infrequent occurrence at my age!).

I am so VERY desperate to get running normally again but need reassurance from anyone here who might have had this operation.

Thanks for any comments that may come.



  • It seems that, due to lack of any response, that nobody here has any experience of this op, then.

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