A stitch that starts really high on the side?

Has anyone ever had a stitch that starts right up just above the rib cage, rather than below it? I've struggled with stitches before but followed advice on here re breathing and not eating well beforehand, and thought I'd learned to manage them. However last 2 runs I've had them only higher up.

Actually the first time I thought it was the underwire in my underwear digging in, that's exactly where it starts. Today though I opted for much more sensible attire so that couldn't have been it! No breathing seemed to help it either time.


It also seemed to gradually lower as i went on. Does this sound like a regular stitch? Can they be that high up? Any advice?


  • I get this. Seems to come on after drinking or when chatting too much - especially when running downhill so picking up the pace. I just slow down a little and it passes in time. Not a lot of help I know - sorry.

  • I get this often too, but usually only when racing, not normally when training.

    There's nothing I can do that eases it, but it goes away once I stop.

    It's not caused by eating or drinking though, as I try to avoid that before a race for a couple of hours.

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