Chronic groin problems - osteopath still searching for answers

Hi there,

I'll be honest - I'm not much of a long distance runner, but I came across this website and was very impressed by the advice offered by various members regarding health and injuries, so thought I might give it a go.

I'm male, 26, and for the last several years I have suffered groin strain, both sides, to varying degrees, generally aggravated by football...

It was never quite bad enough to push me to see an osteopath or physio, but lately I've felt like a 50 year old man rather than 26, and I'm really keen to get to the bottom of it. So I've had a few sessions with my local osteopath... but as yet she has not been able to offer any solid conclusions... perhaps someone here can offer some extra input for me... (it's a long shot, I admit).

* Groin strain comes and goes, sometimes one side, sometimes both, aggravated by stop/start sports like football. Fairly sharp pain but nevertheless difficult to pinpoint... aductor muscles certainly a major source of the discomfort.

* My osteopath confirmed what I suspected: despite having good hip flexibility, my aductor muscles are very tight, and so are the muscles around my backside (glutes I guess). During the deep massage she gives me, it can be extremely painful as she presses those muscles.

* She noted that I stand quite flat-footed, and told me to buy arch support and make sure to wear them during sports... I have done so, and after playing football tonight I have fairly bad pain in my achilles tendons, both sides. I suspect the arch support has changed my ummm bio mechanics and maybe this strain is just a temporary thing as my body adjusts to the new position of my feet?

* I've spent 95% of my life in recent years sat down / slumped in offices chairs, and maybe this has screwed up the orientation of my pelvis. I was relieved when my osteopath confirmed that my aductor muscles / glute area muscles are very tight, but she has not yet deduced the underlying cause.

Well, I realise diagnosis via the internet is a big ask, but maybe someone has similar experiences and can offer the "ah ha" solution that I've been searching for!

Osteopath £££ costs will rapidly mount up and I'd appreciate some ideas so perhaps I can play devils advocate versus my osteo...

Thanks if anyone can help!

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