Benign lipoma in my knee

I've been suffering with knee pain for just over a year. An x-ray, an ultrasound and an MRI scan all came back as completely normal, so I've been advised that the most likely diagnosis of the small lump in my knee is a benign lipoma. The lump is just above and to the outside of my kneecap, quite deep in my leg where the quad muscles are attached. It's slightly painful to press and sometimes causes muscular aches in my quad muscles.

I recently started the couch to 5k plan again, and although I have some discomfort on every run, I haven't yet had the proper pain that stopped me running before. The specialist said that unless the lump gets bigger or starts to press on a nerve I should be OK to carry on running, but I was wondering if anyone else had a similar knee problem? I'm just worried that if I carry on running the lump is more likely to get bigger, cause pain and force me to stop running again. When I first started running two years ago I had no idea how important it would become or how much I'd miss it when I couldn't do it. I was even dreaming about running (think Forrest Gump shedding his calipers...) and the thought of having to stop again fills me with doom image

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