Medical requirements to run

Hi all, I would begin to run in easy competition to get more involved and maybe to evolve.

I run since 2003 but I'm totally irregular, and so often I have to start from the beginning. Now I'm running 10k in 1 our for training, but non often, usually on time a week.

I would run 10k in Greenwich in 27th July, and I'm here to ask you any suggestion, I came from Italy and there, to run, you need a certificate, is there any similar needs? I have to do a special "medical sporting visit"?

Thank you for any advice, and hope to see in a race soon image.




  • No - you just enter the event and turn up - easy!

  • Hi Manuel - no certificates needed here, as Intermanaut says, just turn up and run. If you want to try a 5k race - look for your local parkrun - free 5k races run by volunteers (see )

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    You need to sign your life away in triplicate - there's 'advice' that says you should only run if you are fit to do so and by running you are agreeing that you are fit. image

    Or what Intermanaut says.

    It's far simpler.

  • Hi Manuel, I used to live in France, which sounds a bit like the system in Italy, as you had to have a medical certificate to do anything remotely sports related. It's totally different here in the UK and much more relaxed. You can turn up to pretty much any event without having a medical check. The park run suggested by Running Rodent is a good place to start and meet other runners. Have fun!

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