Soft tissue foot injury

Hi just looking for some thoughts and advice.

I was down A & E Tuesday just gone, thinking I had a stress fracture or something nasty as I couldn't really pin point where the pain was. I done a 15 miler on Saturday, rested a day then ran a mile or so Monday. Thought this is  abit sore i'll see if it goes. A mile later I limped back home. Tuesday I woke up and didn't feel anything so off I went to work and after about 500m I was in agony. The pain is on the outside of my left foot running from just below and forward of my ankle.

Anyway Doctor at A&E said no I didn't break anything but was very vague in saying I had soft tissue damage. Stay off my feet for 2 days take ibuprofen and give heat treatment. Do not run for a week then all will be OK.

I had scheduled in a nice slow long run for the weekend. Today I woke up and feel right as rain, I can put my full weight on my foot and I can run up and down stairs with no problems and managed to walk to work.

If it was a ligament injury would it be the wrong thing to go out Sunday Monday for a long slow run even though it feels ok at the moment?


  • You could set off and see how you go as long as you aren't going to get 10 miles away from home and then have to walk the whole way back.

  • MM how do the trigger points work? I thought it was a Peroneus Brevis injury however looking at the picture it may not be. Its hard to describe its just above the arch of my foot closest to the ankle.On the middle picture you see the long tendon running down the leg under the ankle the part from the ankle down to where it joins to the bone hurts image Oh I wish I was a physio image

  • Hmmm must be a vicar thing.... I have similar symptoms.

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