Bulging Disc !!

I have what is described as a bulging disc. Not quite a slipped disc but not far off and it is fairly painful. I've been doing well up to now and I think I'm moving in the right direction recovery wise although I can't always get comfortable.
Only thing is, I'm hoping to do the NY Marathon in November and the final training push is looming. This weekend I think I've stirred the back up a bit while doing a 56 minute flattish run, so it's off to the physio later.
Question is, is there hope for me doing this marathon ? I'm appealing for some words of encouragement, some glimmer of hope even if I end up doing a get me round !


  • I’ve had a bulging disk in by neck since a very bad car crash about 9 years ago, until recently I had to take lots of anti-inflammatory pain killers just to allow me to get on with life not to mention struggle through training.

    About 5 month ago I went to se an osteopath that also used alternative method and since then I have been getting acupuncture for my neck as well as other maintenance work. This has allowed me to remain relatively pain free, of the drugs and for my endurance training to move on leaps and bounds (I’m now into triathlon) .

    Basically what I’m saying is give a few of the alternative treatments a go and see what works for you.

    Good luck

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    I found that hanging from a door helped relieve the pressure for a while, making it more comfortable. Better still is a "chin-up" bar similar to those you get at the gym. They are much easier to hang on to, as the door tends to cut into your hands a bit.

    The idea is to hang for as long as possible, letting the weight of your legs extend the spine. It's a bit difficult to get the technique right, as you instinctively tense up, but it is worth it. Walk around gently for a few minutes afterwards to let things settle back into place.
  • A bulging disc and a slipped disc are the same thing - "bulging" is a more accurate term because the disc doesn't really slip. The outer covering of the disc fractures and the jelly inside oozes out and presses on the nerve. Then you have to wait until it shrinks back.

    Nessie's technique is great if your upper body is strong enough to cope. Physio may help, but I'd agree with Will's advice to see an osteopath. Manipulation, and the exercises they use, can help a lot.

    Encouragement? Yes, why not. If all goes smoothly from here, you will be able to do a marathon in November with a reasonable amount of training under your belt.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Thanks all so far for your words of wisdom. I've been to the physio this dinnertime and it appears as though my 56min run on Sunday may have put the muscle into spasm. "A product of the bulge rather than the cause" - so i've had some massage and ultra sound and it feels a lot better. Anyway the run was probably a little too much for now so i need to back off a little and stay on the flat.
    I've not given up hope of the marathon and am trying to stay positive.
    Thanks again.
  • The Bobolink, I totally sympathise, and having just responded to another thread about back pain, just wanted to offer you some encouragement. I suffer from four prolapsed disks (prolapse=slipped=bulging) which scans show are now something of a permanent feature. Having coped with extremes of nerve pain and symptoms over the last few years, and a very extensive break from running after a bad flare up, I am now back on the road, taking it slowly, but finally clocking up some miles. If I can do this, after being totally written off by two consultants, three physios and my GP, then I reckon your marathon is more than possible. My advice, for what it's worth, is daily stretching, swimming and pacing yourself so you don't overdo it. It also goes without saying that top quality, properly fitted shoes are a must.

    Good luck!
  • Thanks Back to. You'll be pleased to know that I am well on the way to recovery ( touch wood )and completed the Robin Hood last Sunday in just under 2 hours. I've been very fortunate to get good support from the works physio who has agreed to continue seeing me up to the Marathon. I feel quite confident now and am looking forward to it.
    Thanks again.
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