Mendip Muddle



  • Nice sunny running today though eh?
  • No running today Moe, my legs are a bit sore! Did some swimming instead-more water!
  • I've been back at work, but I have Thursday, Friday off and it looks like the weather is getting a bit better again.
  • A message to all marshalls at the Muddle. Thanks for standing in that awful weather for such a long time to allow runners the chance to experience the run. So often we take for granted doing races, yet without the support and time given by these people races wouldn't be possible. So many thanks!

    I think winter has truely arrived!
  • My thoughts exactly - if it was unpleasant on times running in that weather imagine what it must have been like standing around in it so i would also like to add my thanks to all the marshalls. Have also seen the results and well done to one and all in this thread for some excellent times. Can't say i really enjoyed the race this year as i did go a little over the top the night before in the 50th birthday party but made it to the finish just about still in one piece. Hope to make the Exmoor stagger but off to do the Amsterdam marathon with my wife this weekend so i'll have to see how i recover. Good running to you all
  • Hilly - so sorry I didn't speak especially as you were on your own - I just didn't realise it was you. Why would I have thought you were mad? - we'd all just run 12 and a half miles in appalling conditions, so quite obviously we're all mad!! I can't believe you did that run in new shoes - ouch!
    My thanks also to all the marshalls - I felt particularly sorry for the one by the trig point right up in the mist and completely open to the elements. I was also grateful to the third lady who very kindly unlaced my shoes in the shower when my fingers just wouldn't do the job - how sad is that?!
    Stephen - good luck in Amsterdam and hope you make it to the Stagger - I'll be there and hoping for a good run as it's part of the Somerset Series.
  • Stephen good luck to you and your wife in Amsterdam!

    Lin it's ok I didn't realise who you were either until the 3rd lady mentioned you were called Lin when you'd left the shower.
    It's strange in running I tend to remember the names of people who may have run in the same race as myself but often don't know what they look like and then in 'normal' every day activities I remember someone's face but not their name!

    I know what you mean about the shoe laces, you may recall I too had difficulty with mine. I think I used my car key to dig at them. I was even cold driving home and I had the heating on in the car.

    I know I was mad wearing new shoes. However, I've worn the same shoe in the past and never had a problem with them, so thought I'd break these ones in in one run!

    Hope you have a good run at the Stagger. It's a great race. Look forward to reading your report after!
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