Maintaining fitness after the VLM

So I did the VLM on 21st April and was not too disappointed with a finishing time of 4 hours 21 minutes (despite crashing and burning 6 miles from home.) My next races are the GNR on 15/09 and the GBR on 20/10. At my current level of fitness I know that I can comfortably break 2 hours for the half marathon (and did so in the first half of the VLM) and then move onto a better time for the GBR. I plan to start serious training for the GNR in late July but would like to be able to maintain my fitness in the meantime - challenging since the golf season has now started and I also want to work on my strength and conditioning. The question is what do I need to do to maintain a reasonable level of running fitness between now and late July? I'd thought about doing 6 milers say 3 times a week but then wondered about 2 x 6 milers and 1 interval session. Any suggestions please?

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