How long shoudl running traners last....

I recently ran the Paris marathon and through training I ran about 400 miles (over 12 weeks). I had two pairs of adidas response stability 4 trainers and used them on alternative runs. Just before the marathon I was advised by a running coach, podiatrist and a shop assistant at a reputable running shop that the trainers were 'dead' and needed replacing. So essentially the trainers lasted about 200 miles each…is this normal? I’m 5ft 11 inches and weigh 12st 7lb….I would have assumed that the trainers would have lasted longer!

As I will be running more marathons – does anyone have any advice as to which trainers last the longest / or which ones are most durable (I know this is a difficult question to answer as running styles / weight / etc vary). I can’t justify buying a new pair every 200 miles!



  • I wear my shoes until they fall apart. Normally around 1000 miles! They fit me, are comfy and I figure that as the cushioning goes down my resilience goes up!

    How do they feel to run on? Maybe try different shoes?

  • I've 3 pairs on the go at the moment - 686, 483 and 189 miles.

    Often quoted is 500 miles, but really it varies on the runner and the shoe. I used to replace at 500 miles, but I now do it until I start to get new niggles which won't go away.

    200 miles would seem to be a particularly short mileage. I couldn't afford to run if I replaced them that often. You aren't particularly heavy! All you can do is use your own judgement. My non-specialist advice - if it ain't broke don't fix it.

  • What did they do to deem them as dead - were there any special tests? How do you feel running in them and are you noticing any new niggles cropping up? 200miles seems really low.

    I tend to run in 'last seasons' Asics 1170s whenever I find them on offer for £40 or less. I expect to get more than 500 miles out of them, and usually its because I misused them on trails that they wear on the sidewalls. I've not yet had a pair where they had chance for the support and cushioning to go. 

    Is there any obvious sign that the midsole has gone, such as 'wrinkling' or creasing  of  the cushioning

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    i wear asics 2000 series, average around 500 miles.
    Did have a pair that lasted a little over 300 before the side walls split, but like AR that was after a summer on the trails when the foot moves around a bit more.
    Trail shoes I tend to find last longer.
    Why did the shop say they were 'dead' - had a lot of the grip/support gone?
    Oh for reference I'm 6ft and 13st.

  • Thanks for the response. There is no grip and there is hardly any cushioning left (one is slightly better than the other - one of them has no coushioning at all). I’m a fore foot sticker so that back of the shoe looked like new!


  • Dustin wrote (see)

    Why did the shop say they were 'dead' - had a lot of the grip/support gone?

    Why did the running shop say they were dead?

    *scratches head* Hmmmmm i wonder.......



  • Murdoch - a running coach and a podiatrist also said they needed replacing...and that was before I went to the running shop...

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