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Love to find out if anyone else is into songwriting. I started writing them a year ago and am currently on my 13th. They are a mix of emotional ballads, rock and pop. I am totally addicted and plan to release my first full length album this summer. I also play the acoustic guitar.

Who else writes songs OR plays an instrument?


  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Been messing around with a guitar for over 30 years, its a round-back acoustic called a Maxwin.

    Pick it up, hit a Em and see what happens. Usually not much, start missing notes from the word go and pack it in or sometimes drift off into an unrepeatable phase lasting a few minutes where I play whatever I'm thinking of. Then its gone. Damn!

    Wonder what that was?

    I come up with ideas but someone else would have to develop them. You need consistency and a memory for this game. I can hit the same note fifty times without it sounding the same twice, crap execution!

  • Mine is just a Yamaha 310F, cheap but it got me started and I'm quite fond of it. Do need an electro acoustic now though for live performances.

    I'm quite fond of Am, every song seems to stem from one but I do try to deviate as I don't want all the songs to sound the same.

    As soon as I come up with something, I record it on to my phone voice recorder so I don't forget it. Has come in quite handy. I also have a drum app on my phone which cost £1.99 but is invaluable for the rhythm part.

    Good luck and thanks for sharing image

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Good luck WP with the album.

    Live performance- never quite know why so many people (who can't play a note) feel entitled to pass judgement on these.

    They must think it easy. Maybe they should try facing the crowd and guarantee to not miss a beat. 

    Mind you, I have a feeling that musicians are born, but that still doesn't stop me admiring that 6th sense they have that lets them stop mid song and then kick off again like it never happened.

  • i play bass, but ive never done anything "live" with it, i make vocal / funky house music and we use live instruments rather than using synthesized bass and guitars which never sound right, had a few tracks pressed to vinyl about 10 years ago, and a few out on digital release a couple of years ago, nothing for a while since i lost interest, but im currently working on an idea with a few other producers and an amazing vocalist, I am the marketing and designer for the Record label she works for (i met the owner(s) through djing/production) and they are encouraging me to do soething else.

    This is the latest project from her as a vocalist and the label i work for, similar style to mine, very soulful house.

  • Hey, had a listen, brilliant, thanks for that! I have never listened to house music before so it's not familiar to me, it's like the opposite of emotional ballads which is my specialty but that's what makes us all different. Keep up the good work image

  • I used to be in a punk band called Death by Yoghurt, I play guitar very badly

  • I played (badly) many different instruments at school with the clarinet being the longest run and best played (still not good). I was in the school band though!

    But I always wanted to play guitar and have had a few including a couple of electric bass guitars. I have a fantastic guitar now, a beautiful Gibson Firebird 7 with gold hardwear. Still can't play it though...

    "Death by Yoghurt" - sounds a great name for a band!

  • I have a Gibson SG, Firebirds are nice!  The name was the only thing good about our band, surprisingly 'you gave me aids' was never a global hit!

  • I reached grade 7 in piano when I was young but gave it up. My dad always played piano and wrote music too.

    I realised that I had been missing music for years and years and now that it's back, it has changed my life! I think I am much more aware of what people are saying as I am listening for potential song lyrics. I taught myself basic acoustic guitar but am comfortable playing in public preferrably with accompaniment and have managed to write from scratch 13 songs in 15 months but I'm exhausted now so think I will take a break from the writing.

  • I play Diatonic, Chromatic and Tremolo Harmonica. I really like to play bluesy music but rather crap at it. I'm bit better at generic melody songs or old western songs. But I play because little one loves the nursery rhymes on it image I'd love to do this though



  • I don't play an instrument but I sing (Gospel) MrGFB plays drums, bass and is doing his grades in saxaphone (allto) - we had a gospel album out a few years ago and it sold well enough (we wrote all the songs ourselves)

  • Yep, guess I'm a failed musician in some always came before running/sports/fitness for me though. Drummer but use lots of drum recordings to create beats for MC's/Rappers - great to listen to on 10 mile + runs obviously.

    My solo stuff -

    My current band stuff -


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