new trainers rubbing

I'm new to running and have recently bought some basic virage 5 trainers which were chosen after a gait analysis. They are leaving blisters in the arch of my foot in the same place were the insole meets the side of the shoe. Is there any way to prevent this? Also the insole lifts slightly around the arch support. Is this normal?



  • Asic not basic!!!

  • I used to get this with Asics Cumulus and with every new pair would carefully trim away a tiny sliver off the underside of the insole to reduce rubbing. A stanley blade was the only thing I could find that was sharp enough to make a neat job of it. You don't want to hack your new shoes to bits!

  • I've had this problem with some shoes in the past - have you tried removing the insole and putting it back in?  Sounds obvious, but sometimes they aren't quite seated correctly.  Runs-with-dogs' idea is also sound, if you're confident that you won't remove too much.  Last option is a new pair of insoles - I'd aviod anything that looks technical, with gel pads or plastic arch-supports.  Perhaps some from an older pair of trainers?

  • It is a phenomenon that I have sometimes found with support shoes, because a slightly denser material is used under the arch.  When my customers brought a support shoe back to the shop complaining about this, I usually swapped it for the Cumulus and that solved the problem. 

  • Send them back!

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