Garmin 410 Data Fields

Hello, I have just got the Garmin 410 and trying to get to grips with it. Been for a run and the Data Field 1 was ok, i could see the time elapsed but with my eyesight i struggled to see pace and distance.

When i got home i thought i could assign 2 to have just one field, being pace and 3 to have just one field being distance so that i can scroll whilst running.

I have assigned the fields now but not sure how to scroll between the three screens when running.

Anyone help please.


  • sorted it, tap the right side of the bezel


  • Don't have the 410  John but you should be able to scroll by hitting the bezel? or even better in settings you can select auto scroll (slow/med/fast) so no need to do anything image

    Congrats on your purchase btw

    Some bedtime reading for youimage

  • auto scroll, i like that, will check that one out thanks.


  • WOW that is EXACTLY what i need, brill thanks. This watch just gets better and better.

  • I spent a lot of time looking for a new watch and the 410 was top of the bunch for a while, best thing Garmin did was to discontinue it. The price is great now but can see it going up as stocks go down.

  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭

    After setting up 'auto scroll' it's best to lock the bezel before you set off as rain, sweat or sleeves can cause inadvertant bezel changes. You can also lock the light on for night runs.

  • Yeah locking it is a necessity i think.

  • It's funny, until today reading this forum I didn't even know you could lock the bezel.  I've run in all weathers with mine since August last year and never had a problem with unintentional input.

    FWIW I prefer to tap the bezel to advance the screens manually.  Auto scroll bugs me as I always seem to want to look at the screen that's last to be displayed.

  • Ben, whilst looking at this, i notice the scroll can be made to be either slow, medium or fast. That might help you maybe?


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