Mankini for sale - one careful owner!

The original mankini man is selling his beloved (?!?) mankini for charity. As seen on the big screen at the VLM expo in Martin Yellings advise talk. 

Buy a piece of history!!

ONe very careful owner image


  • No bids placed so far-  I wonder why? image

  • Erm....he wasn't the original mankini man.  That was a guy on Fetch who ran it in 2007 (I think, possibly 2008), prompting the "what on earth is that?" comment from the commentator as he crossed the line.  It was bright orange lubed to perfection with bodyglide (apparently) and sported alongside a stunning pair of white compression socks. 

    The Fetchie in question was a legend on the site.

  • Also saw a runner in a green mankini while spectating just before the 6 mile marker (2007/8 ??)

    He was having a major containment problem & could have been nicked for indecent exposure. image

    A female club member told me he had severe "rear end chafing" when she passed him along the embankment.  image

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