Adizero Boston v Adios

Anyone tried either/both of these?  Bostons have been my shoe of choice for a few years now because they seem to be the only ones that don't set off an old hip/groin injury.  They seem however to becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of, in my size at least, and have shot up in price over the past few years, I suspect due to popularity.  However, Adios are also neutrals,  there appears to be more of them and they're a little bit cheaper, so I was wondering how much of a difference there is between the two and whether it would be worth me giving the cheaper and more readily available shoe a go or whether it would be more prudent to stick with what I know.


  • I've just bought my 4th and 5th pairs of Adios 2's. they suit me very well - were my first excursion into less cushioned shoes (used to have Asics 20 and 21series). very comfortable, good grip on slippery surfaces, my only gripe is that the uppers wear out before the soles (maybe I just have unusually pointy toes).  

  • Cheers RR, how are they width wise over the arch and in the toe box.  They look pretty comparable to the Bostons in pics but I have mutant toes that need space to spread.

  • There's enough room in them for orthotics, but they might be a bit narrow in the toe. I have quite narrow feet.

  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭

    I train in Bostons and race in Adios. The Bostons feel much more supportive than the Adios which have a great quick feel about them as soon as you put them on. You need to buy a half to full size bigger though.

  • Hi, I have both shoes, i prefer the bostons, they feel supportive around the heal offter more cushioning and still very light (you know as you have them) adios are really comfortable but very minimal, defiantly would not train in them. I was using them for 5k races but i like the bostons so much they have replaced them altogether. 

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