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I am considering buying a foot pod for my forerunner 305 to keep track of my cadence. Is it worth it and is there any where selling them cheap, as I think £50 is a bit steep.


  • Just ordered mine and yes, £50 does seem expensive although I did read that some of the cheaper pods although may pair with your 305 don't have changeable batteries?

    Reading reviews on Amazon one guy gave it a '1' because he knew his cadence was about 88-90 and the pod was reading 45! (will let you work that out) and even better another '1' was because he thought Garmin were ripping him off when he found out he needed a Forerunner AS WELL!

    If you only want to check your cadence every now and then just count your steps over (say) a 30 seconds run then double it though if you have a 305 £50 isn't all that muchimage

  • Also-ranAlso-ran ✭✭✭

    I use the footpod mainly indoors for speed sessions on a treadmill, so pace / distance is my main need. Provided it is calibrated it is very accurate.

    The cadence data is interesting info, although I have not looked at changing anything as I'm averaging 184 per min. I have had no problems with cadence stats being recorded - I had to return one pod as the pace data kept spiking and had me running 3:10 min/milesimage.

    For me, its a good addition to my 610. I bought one through Amazon about a year ago for £30. Its expensive if you just want it for cadence. For pace/distance it is only as good as the calibration - and you can find this is different for each type of trainer. 



  • does the sensor calibrate itself using gps automatically? i've never owned one but someone said it did a few weeks ago in conversation.

  • Marc.S - yes the footpod can be calibrated with the watch's gps no trouble.

    Used mine with a fr405, and lately mainly with a non-gps fr70. (The 405 no longer holds its charge for very long). Once calibrated properly its remarkably accurate - at last year's VLM it had me down at the finish having run 26.23, and on my regular runs around Torbay its usually within 0.01-0.02 of a gps recording.

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    Gps calibration  is fine. The watch has a gps calibration routine, but you can also use the utility on  the fellrnr website which provides a calibration over an entire run, and also breaks it down by lap.

    For fast stuff  ( pacy intervals) I calbrate it on a track. I use this for intervals on treadmills as  never trust the treadmill calibration. God, I sound sad.

    Podifer - vlm is a great exampe what with the crappy gps on parts of the course. I reckon your 26.23 woud have been far more accurate than anyones gps track. Nicely calibrated Sir/Madam

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    Remember also that a footpod is much better than GPS for real-time pace info.

    At least, it was on the Fr60 I used to have.

  • Mine has spent the last 4 days with the Royal Mail being 'processed'. Will most likely use it for Cadence and love the fact it will kick in if you lose GPS. The 26.23 could well have been spot on for vlm as very few people follow the 26.2 mile 'line' 

    Also-ran, I did find an app that calibrates over runs but will take a look at the one on fellrnr as well ta.

  • Also-ranAlso-ran ✭✭✭

    Andi, this is the link if Royal Mail ever deliver image

    It's a little application that needs installing on your pc

  • txs ar, tis the one I saw and already downloaded (in anticipation).

  • Muttley wrote (see)

    Remember also that a footpod is much better than GPS for real-time pace info.

    At least, it was on the Fr60 I used to have.

    Thats one of the reasons I like the fr70 - I still use the 405 for speedwork, as you can't do anything too complicated on the 70. At the moment though I'm  playing around with the Hadd/John Parker way of slow running to a HR%. So no speedwork for a while.


  • Well, mine arrived and after removing the battery and replacing it it finally paired with the 910xt. So apparently my average cadence  when running uphill is 83 so not as bad as I thought. The session average was just 73 but that was down to long walk breaksimage

    Podifier, I have just finished 12 weeks of 'Hadding' and just started my Marathon plan so will continue my easy runs at sub 70% of WHR and hill/tempo work will be capped at 80%.

  • I just ordered one from eBay for £25

  • I am thinking of buying one of these for my treadmill runs - I don't trust the treadmill at all as it always seems way of my usual pace
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