Speed intervals for fast 10K

What are the best speed intervals in terms of km/hour and length in metres of interval for getting 10K times below 45 minutes


  • The eight week sequence here is tough, but if you can do it you'll nail a sub 45. Pace is 4:30/km (13.33km/h) or 7:11/mile (8.27 mph)

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    GP: I would advise one one way or the other about speed work unless I saw your training for the rest of the week/month! Times improve with slow steady running, and consistent training. I wouldn't introduce speedwork until you had a good "base". I would then introduce some fartlek work. I would also try to include some hills in my steady runs.

    Note that "interval" is the time spent between reps, although it seems to be increasingly misused! I would work towards something like 4 x 4 minutes with 2 minutes interval recovery, starting with, perhaps, 2 x 3 minutes with half the time recovery. I have read the article CB posted but find it too tough to recommend!

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  • Dear Alehouse, 

    i think I have misunderstood intervals myself! My base hasn't been good enough to be honest but I do find those long slow runs too boring. I will more of those before introducing speed work and hills. Thanks for the sensible advice.

  • Dear chubby bloke, I think I can manage that schedule and will give it a go. I have been doing 400m sprints with 400reflow recovery jogs times 8 as my practice for previous 10Ks

  • Speedwork ought to be about 10% of weekly total.

    A mix is best. I`d say that 1k reps are the staple. The 800+300s are tough where you kick into 300 after 2 laps. Also pyramids eg 400/800/1200/1600 and back down.

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