groin/hernia pain

Hi all.

has anyone had simmilar experince. A total nightmare with no end in sight.

Been suffering with persistand groin and aductor strains for the past 2 years plus and they have beed getting steadily worse and taking longer to clear. on January 2013 i tweaked a groin getting out of the car thought nothing much of it and expected it to settle down, but alas it is proving stuborn. i have trised physio, chiropractors etc but nothing helps.

pain is located in the groin area with the tendon from the botton of the pubic bone to the aductors constantly sore and get inflamed even walking quickly. i have a pain further up along the inside of the groin area to the top of the hip which i think sometimes i can feel a lump but other times i cant. the Aductors are constantly sore along with the muscles along the front of the thigh.

the groin pain settles to about 70% but never goes away and the pain really gets intense when i sit down espcially on a hard chair (constanty sitting at work)  the pain  in the groin almost seems like it is being squashed and compress when sitting

I tried to gently run on the treadmill yesterday to loosen up the muscles but with 2 minutes the pain in the groin crease close to the top got painfull (very local and i could put a finger in the exact spot)

anyone get any suggestions





  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Your attempt to run on the treadmill is telling.

    If, despite all the signs of damage, you persisted with training without resolving the original; abductor damage, then there's the possibility you've accumulated a mass of inflexible scar tissue. 

    Its not the sort of thing to just keep running through.

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