What to Eat the day before and the morning

Please forgive me, I am new to this. I am aiming to get under 1h for the manchester 10k, my first ever run.

I think with the training i have done i will be close to it, so close in fact that i need every little help i can get.

I run at 12.30pm and am wondering what times i should eat and what should i eat the days before and the morning of the race and what time to eat it as getting to 12.30pm with no food is definately i none starter.

Thanks in advance.


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    I shall probably he corrected... But from what I understand we should have 70-90 minutes plus energy in our body without the need for any special carb loading. In which case I'd eat sensibly but nothing over the top. Maybe a meal with pasta or rice the night before (nothing spicy), and whatever you are comfortable with on the day of the run. On 10k trainning runs I don't eat anything special. others have things like porridge as a good filling meal. But whatever you eat try to eat it the same sort of time before a long run in training so you know how it will effect you. 

    I guess if you want a boost if you've tried playing with gels eat one of them before the start and it should kick in after a while.  But, I really don't think it's necessary for a 60m run. 

    Just common sense stuff, don't be de or over hydrated. 

    I'm doing my 2nd marathon tomorrow and am having same brekkie a salmon n Philly bagel image

    EDIT: oh and if I'm giving totally the wrong advice then when someone comes along making it clear that I'm typing crap then you will at least get their advice image

  • As Booktrunk said. Nothing special needed for an hour of intensive exercise. Don't try anything new on the day of a race, so now is the time to try things out. I tend to run first thing so don't eat before any training runs.

    If I run at 12.30, I will have had breakfast (porridge) and eat immediately after the run to help with recovery.

    When it comes to a race I leave at least 3 hours between eating and racing.

  • Also make sure you're well hydrated the day before you race.

  • All makes sense that, thanks. i think my preparations are all sorted now, but if i think of anytthing else i will be sure to shout up.

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    Good luck.

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