Novice Non-Serious Runner & Technique


My main passion is strength training - that is what I put most time and effort into.

I have long neglected cardio and nothing seems work as well as running.  There is something about running that just seems to work.

I will only be looking to run 3 times a week maximum with 30 minutes a time.  I am currently working on improving my cardiac output and aerobic base, so that I can get more out of anaerobic lactate and alactate training after a couple of months.

My main problem is my technique, and this is probably what has stopped me from running most of my life.  I have encountered the same problem playing football too.


1) I stomp - especially downhill.  I can really hear my feet hit the grass.  It is my no means light and springy.  I improved slightly today on my 1st practice run, but it was still a problem, which was amplified when running on a slight decline.


2) Shin splints.  These muscles really tighten.  I think I know what the problem is related to.  For some reason I think I keep ankles dorsiflexed throughout the stride, cause the shin muscle to be overworked and tighten up.


If anyone has any advice it would be great.  I would love to go out for a run with a better technique and without the limiting factor of my shin splints.


As said, I am not looking to get into it serioualy.  Just something to compliment my strength training and general well being improvement.


  • How you doing Iam the complete opposite from yourself I can run, but I try to do weights maybe twice to three times a week I get no gains from it I've tried all ur protein drinks am not looking to get big but just to see an improvement in my strength, I play football and get pushed off the ball too easily any advice would be much appreciated

  • It's hard to say without knowing anything about your program and nutrition.  You can build strength on a calorie deficit/maintenance.  But it is harder than if you were eating in a surplus. 

    Strength + Size are different


  • Alright Matt I tend to run twice a week and play football twice so might be doing too much cardio as for my diet with my working hours it's a nightmare and tends to be mostly carbs and yogurts. When your running your maybe over thinking about your technique i have never had shin splints so couldn't comment on them half the battle to running is just getting out there.

  • Hi Matt.

    Have you tried having your gait analysed and got some proper running shoes? Shin splints often result from running in worn out trainers. As to changing your gait from "slapping", other folks are probably better qualified than I to advise, but I have changed my stride to more midfoot than it was just by practice really - starting off slow and really focusing on my running form for two or three hundred yards, then just reverting to my natural gait, then just increasing the time I'm mentally focussed on it. I feel like it's helping but it probably goes out of the window when I race. It's made my calves a lot stronger though.

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