recovery from the flu

I've been really enjoying my training and was progressing well then as soon as I got home from work on Friday the flu hit me like a train. Friday and yesterday was absoltue agony with muscle aches and shivers/fever but today I feel a bit better. If I'm almost back to normal tomorrow would it be ok to get back running? Nothing strenuous just 20-25 min at a very easy pace.

I've been checking online and its very mixed opinions with some saying if you feel like you can run then lace up and others say take a minimum of a week off.


  • Well I went for a 30 min run at an easy pace as soon as I got up today and feel fine, apart from not being able to hear in my left ear since yesterday. I kept my heart rate steady and didn't put any strain on my body. It felt good to get back out again with not being for a run since Thursday. Hopefully by the weekend I'll be 100 percent and get a big run on Sunday.

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