Hi all,

  Long story short, signed up to marathon end of June 2 weeks ago. Furthest i have run in my long run is 15 miles without any dramas and felt really strong doing it and easily would have pushed over 20 miles. 2 days later I got a foot injury image Doctor said rest a week then try running. Waited a week went running after a mile and half it flared up in my foot. It's a little sore but no way near as bad as it was to begin with. So I am thinking another week off running and doing a bit of cycling instead. Once I have a week off I have 6-7 weeks to train for a marathon essentially. Can it be done?

Near to me their is a 20miler trail race on the 2nd of June. Should I use this to guage where I am at. I'm not expecting to break world record I just need to finish it as I stupidly agreed to do it for somebody I know who lost their child to cancer, raising money for the hospice that looked after them.

Just need a little geeing up and some positive responses as I get so down when I cant run image


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    Sounds a great idea. As long as you don't get carried away and just treat it as a training run. 

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    Also can you do cross training or even though it's boring run on a treadmill that I would have thought would put less strain on the foot, worth a try?

  • Do you know what it is? The foot injury? i would go to physio to get a second opinion. I would also take a total rest from running i.e. not even treadmill - cycling should be good to maintain fitness (i am now out of action with PF and found it doesn't load the foot that much, whereas even walking does). 

  • It seems to be Peroneus Brevia tendon problem. I cant afford to see a physio and if I go through NHS they will organise one for about a month down the line image I've been cycling today and no problems. I know its not ideal but i'll have o get my fitness from this in mean time. I think even a treadmill would aggrevate it. Although it feels quite good at the moment. I think i'll cycle till next Saturday then try it out again. Just worried time is passing me by and i'll end up missing 2 long runs image

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    Good luck. I know how you feel. I've had a bad knee, and only managed one long run this time,  very nervous about my 2nd mara tomorrow.

  • Do let me know how you get on. Good luck I hope it goes well. I keep telling myself that I can get through it if I can do 20 miles at some point. It won't be pretty but I think I can get round image Good Luck

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    Will do, either tomorrow night or Tuesdayimage 

  • Aww Vicar, don't be hasty. If running is going to exacerbate your injury don't do it. You can always run at a later date for the hospice. 

    keep safe and active cross training!

  • I would can it and look for something in the Autumn at the earliest. If you do decide to run it use a walk/run approach otherwise you'll end up damaging lots more than your foot.

  • Sounds like prayertime to me Vicar! image

  • LB I didnt think of thatimage

    Went for a good bike ride today so keeping things ticking over. Foot feels good today but I'm going to wait till Friday/Saturday to try it out. If its playing up Marathon may be cancelled, if not i'm going to do itimage I will have to walk significant chunks anyway as its very hilly.

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    Hi TheVicar

    the knee held up! For first 3 or 4 miles it was hurting, and I felt a bit dispirited but the I managed to just ignore it except when it reminded me up each little hill, but it didn't let me down, so I cannot complain. I'm over the moon with 4:56:13

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    Right Vicar listen 

    Giants Head is new this year walk run it. In fact took Marky T an experienced hill run out with me today he said its deffinatly walk/run. Dont run any more than 15 miles in training.

    Stop at all the water stations have some tea and cider at 13 and 20 miles and have a laugh.

  • Booktrunk, well done! Glad to hear you got round. How was your run up to it how much training did you get in and what was your longest run??


    GB thanks sooo much for that! Much appreciated, you know how it is when you're injured, the whole world crumbles around you and find yourself in a pit of dispare , ok well perhaps not that bad image I think the problem is that I put a marathon up on a pedastool and think I cannot do it, I start taking it so seriously where I ought to pootle round and enjoy the occasion and thats a rather more healthy way of looking at it image Worst case scenario I walk the bloody thing at 4mph coming in under the 7 hr mark image whilst getting smashed on cider image Really appreciate it. If the race needs a blessing at the beginning i'm the man to ask lol Thanks

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    I had real problems with my left knee, especially around when I was meant to do the long runs ;( basically If I did them I didn't think I would be able to do the mara, so I kept doing all my short / medium runs as per the plan but image I only threw in one 28k run. DI really wanted to do more but the knee was slowly healing and it's a lot better now, but it's my 2nd so I knew in my mind that I could by hook or by crook get around. 

    I don't recommend it as I'm sure I'd have been better yesterday with morlore cent long runs under the belt but yes I only had the 1 28k run over half marathon distance.

    I thought it was an itband issue but I think it stems from twisting my knee a bit running in the snow. I'm now going to try to give it 2 weeks at least complete rest.

     Overall trainibg because of the knee I ran only 425ish km in the 16 weeks leading up to the mara, and the one longish 28km run included in that. Did a lot of runs around 10km and got my garmin 10k time down from around 68m to under 62m

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    TheVicar - xtrain to maintain and improve fitness. Cycle; swim; go to the gym (rowing machine)  or exercise at home. See what you can do. If you can squats and lunges and if you can use weights while doing these.

    There's lots of exercises that you can do to work on leg strength that wont effect your foot. Look out some core exercises. You'll work your legs and leave them feeling as tired as if you'd just done a long run.

    If you do do this 20 miler then follow a walk run strategy for that as well. eg run 3 miles walk for 5 mins. You'll be amazed at how much furter you'll be able to run with just a short break every few miles. Also you'll need to practice walking in a race.

    I'm not planning on running all the way around GH, I just haven't put the training in. I don't think I've got anywhere near a 30 mile week since Christmas. (Would normally be running 45 miles) and apart from this week when I ran 19.5 miles my long runs have been 14.5 miles before my legs told me to stop. There's going to be an awful lot of us just doing the get around and enjoy thing.

    Anyway, off out for a sneaky 9 miler now. image



  • Booktrunk i think you have earnt your 2 week rest image I've consistantly been doing 25-35 miles a aweek since Christmas, problem is its a marathon, this mythical thing thats meant to be super difficult blah blah blah and because I have never run that far its the unknown and when you get injured and miss out some runs you start doubting yourself. Like you said if I had one under my belt already I would have a good idea on what I was aiming for

    Cheers Mrs Hog, really appreciate that and thats exactly what I wanted to hear..........have fun have fun have fun have fun image

  • If you want someone to run/walk with TheVicar, I'm your man. My traini's not going well, so I'm just going to run as much as I can and walk what I can't. Offer's there

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