Anyone want to do a backpack swap?

Hope it's alright to post this here image

I know it's probably a long shot but wondering if anyone has a racing pack that's about 18-20 litres that they'd like to swap for my two packs - A Salomon XA10+3 pack (red) and a Camelbak Octane LR (green). 

Both the packs I've got are just a bit on the small side for the type of running and training (not to mention I also have to now carry a laptop on work commute runs) I do  so I'm more than happy to do a 2 for 1 swap for a decent condition, quality brand pack that's close to or around 20 litre capacity and has a hydration system built in.

Don't mind what brand you might have as long as it's a lightweight, reliable racing pack. I do like the Inov8 18L Race Pro but happy to consider any swap. 

Both my packs in are in good condition and full working order etc.

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