Unbranded running gear.

Does anyone know where to buy completely unbranded running gear (t-shirt, vest and shorts) - but proper running kit, not just standard plain tshirt etc?

I started training a girl at work for the local half marathon in September and we've already got a couple of other people joining us; we'd love to turn it into a proper running club (I'm also looking at taking the Leadership in Running Fitness course).

We already have a charity to run for as my running mate's parents are involved in RDA so her dad has offered to pay for the kit, and one of her friends that joined us works as an embroiderer so we can get them all logo'd up at cost price - so we don't need it to be the cheapest gear going but we also can't take the micky haha.


  • Decathlon stuff is decent quality technical gear and cheap, although it is not unbranded, has a small Kalenji name on it.


    More Mile is also pretty cheap.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    I've got a couple of AWDis technical vests - they're completely unbranded, not the best cut in the world, but very cheap and work well. If you google the brand you can probably get them for very cheap wholesale prices, or the logo person might be able to order them in.

    Otherwise I think lots of clubs get 'team' kit from all the normal brands and they just have a small brand logo on that doesn't interfere with your club logo. I think ours are Ronhill and Brooks also do a decent 'team' range in the usual sorts of colours.

  • Imp Sport do a lot of cycling and tri gear for clubs and teams - think that they do some other stuff as well?

  • If by "unbranded" you mean without doing unpaid selling with a big logo splashed across it, then you could take a look in H&M. They do proper running gear with nice fabrics, no logos, and quite good value.

  • Anything made of polyester will work for running. 

    Just look at the label. 

  • Ben Davies 15 wrote (see)

    Anything made of polyester will work for running. 

    Just look at the label. 

    good god no.

    not true at all.

  • skotty wrote (see)
    Ben Davies 15 wrote (see)

    Anything made of polyester will work for running. 

    Just look at the label. 

    good god no.

    not true at all.



    Good God - YES!  Absolutely true.  I have never owned any running clothes that weren't polyester - look at the labels of your Nike, Asics, New Balance or Saucony clothing and odds-on you'll find it's polyester.  They might call it ClimaCool or Dri-fit, but it's just a fancy weave of poly. image

  • there is polyester and there is polyester though.

    wrapping yourself in a bit of carpet won't be very good for running.

    and there is cheap, nasty scratchy polyester clothing no good at all for running.

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    There's plenty of reasonable quality kit out there without big branding labels. 

    my club vest is Ronhill, it's just horrid polyester with a small Ronhill logo on it. It's not fancy and it's not nice.

    If I was designing from scratch I'd find good quality kit that was comfortable to wear. A baggy vest is all very well but after 26.2 miles or even 13.1 I don't want to be wearing my club vest.

    I like under armour, they have some basic ladies T's for £15. Maybe more than you want to pay. Very comfortable to wear and discreet logos on most items.

    if you want to shop on line the try wiggle; achilles heel & zalando for fairly cheap items.

  • I agree with Skotty - I've got some very nasty, scratchy polyester t-shirts (from races).

    Like anything, there are varying qualities available.

    Why so anti-branding?  Most kit has some kind of logo on it, but most are quite small logos.

    You say "we already have a charity to run for" - it's not compulsory to "have a charity" to run for, you know!  You can just do it for yourself.

  • A large part of the running industry is about finding different names for the same materials e.g. EVA polyester.  When I worked in a running shop, I had to do a lot of deprogramming when I took on new staff. 

    I think that your running clothing from the ankles up, is the area where you will get the least return for spending a shed load of money.  There is plenty of cheap running clothing that works well, and some clothing that wasn't even designed for running that does the job. 

  • I agree with Ben - I have trekking gear that did 50 countries on a 2 year jaunt and is still going strong - cheap Decathlon polyester wicking shirts and mid-layers.  Apart from cosmetics, they aren't different from the over-priced stuff from Asics and Nike.  In fact, they feel softer against the skin.  They are all polyester and whilst I agree that there is varying quality, price and brand are no indicator.

    And that's just reminded me - Tristan, you could have a look at Decathlon?

  • Wilkie - it's not that I'm anti-brand names, my current running gear is all branded but I want to make us a sort of team strip and we would prefer to start with a blank canvas (like an artist wouldn't want to start on a cnavas that had been signed by someone else already haha).

    As for the charity comment I meant that we already have an idea what we want to have embroidered (rather than printed) on to it...... we just need the tops! Haha!


    I've been having a look around and I really want to find matching stuff (mens and womens, short sleeve and vests) all in the same style.

    Thanks for the ideas so far though guys. image

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