First GPS Watch

I have been using my ipod and iphone for tracking my running. The ipod is not overly accurate and the iphone is a bit bulky so I am looking at getting a GPS watch.

Currently I am looking at the Garmin Forerunner 10 and the Nike Sports Watch. Garmin seems cheap and easy, however, I like the Nike watch and have used the Nike website to teack all my runs. Question really, is there much difference in the watches and how does the Garmin tracking web site compare to the Nike one?



  • I have a Soleus they are about the cheapest around but are brilliant, unless you want to download & study your runs I would thoroughly recommend it, more accurate & less hassle than a Garmin.

  • I love the Garmin FR10. Best purchase I've made all year, by some considerable distance.

    Haven't felt the need to log anything online yet, so can't speak for the website, although I'm assured it's very good. It's perfect for keeping tabs on your live progress though.

  • My first and so far only GPS watch is the Forerunner 210. I also have a HR belt and footpod. I tried a 610 and 310XT the other day in a shop and now I want a 310XT.

    The 210 is pretty basic and in my opinion expensive for what it is. I can pick up a 310XT (on it's own) for £165. I paid £197 for the 210 with HR belt (I bought the footpod seperately).

  • Picked up the forerunner 100 and took it out for a run tonight. Excellent piece of kit for the price and as a bonus I have found a way to use both the garmin web sialmond also the nike one too.



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