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Evening to you all.

my mother is unfortunately dieing from terminal cancer and I want to do something turely amazing to raise money for cancer. The idea that has flown to mind is an iron man

what I want to know is, if I look at summer 2014 so a good year away is it possible for me to be at a level to complete it? I already have a above average level of fitness. Like I can go for 5 mile runs comfortably, cycle 40-50 miles (maybfator fast but I can cycle without stopping) ok my swim is my downside. I am 24 and ran a marathon when I was 18, (3 hours 33) have NEVER done a triathlon and would be starting swimming as a complete amauteur as well as cycling.


realisticlly with a good year of hard graft is it do able? Or is it just to much for a complete beginner to achieve in a year?


be interesting to hear your views




  • Yes it is more than achievable in that timescale

    Pop over to the Tri section (Top right of this screen) and you will find most of the information that you need and lots that you dont  !!

  • Thanks for your reply however I need to emphasis i am a normal lad, no special skills in any of tfret here disacplines. 10km time of about 38 minutes, swimming never swam and been timed and cycling i do as leisure. I want to just complete the iron man, not bothered about time. You think fitness wise in a year I can build?

  • Trust me .... we are all (or once were) quite quite normal  !!

  • 38k for a 10k is well above normal.

    Ironman 2014 is achievable for just about anyone.
  • 38 min 10k is good!

    Sorry to hear about your Mum. My only concern is that it is a big commitment and maybe you'd want to spend the time with your Mum? Ironman races aren't going anywhere...

    (I'll go away and mind my own business now)

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