Running after chemotherapy

Hi, I finished a gruelling round of chemo in feb 2012 and radiotherapy June 2012. Took me a while to get back to running but completed 5k in sept 2012. Am very slow now but was pleased to be back out there. Oct - dec I ran on treadmill and did ok. Jan to now no running because I went back to work and was just too exhausted. Am trying to pick again now running outside for race for life in June and running holiday in July. This time round I have acute pain in my calves from the start. I warm up properly and have just tried compression tights but still acute pain. It feels though I am running an acute incline even on the flat. I've never experienced this before and want to reduce it as soon as. Any ideas? In my 'fitter' time I had no leg pain on the flat and could do a good 10k, which is my ultimate aim. Tnx 


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    Hi Michelle, well done on getting through your treatment image.   I finished chemo in August 2011 having jogged gently throughout and started running (and work) again 'properly' in Sept (no radio, thankfully).  Did fine and was back up to 6-7 miles when I had further (cosmetic) surgery in Feb 2012.  After this I had several months of calf problems but tbh looking back now I think it was just down to the old 'too much too soon'.  Had to go right back to basics, slow down and reduce mileage, endless calf stretching and strengthening and some calf guards/compression socks.  No problems since and I've  just plodded through VLM.  Chemo and radiotherapy take a huge toll, go easy on yourself and you will get there, slow down and enjoy your returning good health image

  • Thank you Stilts! I'll keep plodding on and hope it improves soon! I have reconstruction in June, so nearly all doneimage. Enjoy your running, you're way ahead image

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    Good luck, and take it easy - I was a bit gung ho about my reconstruction after going through all the other treatment but it took a lot more out of me than I expected.  You will get there though!

  • What type of cancer?  I don't have answers, but wondered if one of the relevant cancer research/support charities could help.

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