Ankle ache

Hi all,

I've been running on or off for a few years now but since the start of the year I've managed to keep it more regular by running 2-3 times a week for 8 - 10k runs. 

A few weeks ago my ankle started to ache after a run and it seems to be getting progressivly worse over time. 

The pain is dull, around both sides of the ankle joint, and starts a few hours after a run and can last for up to a day. It has started to hurt at the start of a run but after 1k or so it eases off. I'm not in huge agony so I am not limping however I know something isnt quite right!

I had the same issue about 2 years ago and the only resolution seemed to be to stop running for over 3 months. I really do not want to stop running again.

I've started wearing a basic ankle support but this does not seem to help. 

If anyone had anything similar and can offer any advice such as better ankle supports, better footwear it would be greatly appreciated. My running shoe is the Asics Gel Cumulus 13, however I am reaching replacement time!



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