Unusual knee sensation

I have been left knee pain when i was running, kind of on the left side of left knee, but its kind of gone. I can walk fast, hop, stretch, go up and down stairs. No pain at all, but when i sit down, get up, i have to do it slowly since feels like it is gettng into place. It almost feels displaced, but not i am wondering whether i am imagining it. Its weird. Done precautions of not running, ice packing it, stretching to be safe.

Any ideas what may be going on?


  • Actually i do feel slightly bruised around the front of the knee as it comes into the leg, but not all the time.

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    could be your IT band - if that is tight then it can pull the kneecap a bit. Have you got a foam roller or spiky massage ball? 

    If it doesn't improve with rest and ice it would be worth seeing a physio if you can

  • Its very fashionable to have ITBS at the moment on Runners World. I think you all need an ITBS Support Group thread to discuss your ailments

    IT Band pain is normally on the bony prominence of the outside of the knee. or higher  up at the hip. It doesn't impact on the knee cap tracking in the way that patella syndrome does.

    Have a look at Sports Injury clininc http://www.sportsinjuryclinic.net/sport-injuries/knee-pain for a general overview. There are professionals'out there (DF3 may be able to recommend a physio  image) who could advise, but you may find some general strengthening and stretching may help get you passed this

  • Yes - most will say it is a weakness in the glute and tfl musces and give you some strength / stretch exercises, if it is ITBS.  Most if the exercises can be done at home - you needn't set foot in a gym.

    however, you dd mention knee cap tracking which is not the same thing

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