Adidas Trail Run 10K

Do you receive any mail before the race? just haven't got anything yet.


  • If its run the same as the Sevens Sins in December 2012 you won't get anything.

    It was advertised the details would be in the post before the run we never received anything, parking was chaos, there were no water stations, they also ran out of T Shirts despite booking in advance for the run, we were promised they would be posted on to us and still now 5 months later nothing despite numberous emails to which I only recieved one reply back on February 8th saying they would be in the post that week.

    Good luck....



  • No T-shirt advertised that I saw, but disappointed that there was no chip timing or goody bags that were advertised.  

    Was a good route though, iPhone GPS measured 10.1km, an improvement on last year I understand, hilly enough to be a challenge but nothing stupid.

    Would have been nice to have been warned of the parking charge beforehand too, £3.50 for a day ticket left a lot of people scrabbling round for some change.

    At least the weather held off and it was a dry race, and I set a PB, so overall, a good morning out for me.

  • Medals awarded instead of tee's.  Sports drink, chocolate & jelly babies.  Water station at halfway.  I should have put the items in a bag I guess... but then would have been picking them up round the car park for an hour along with the paper cups....!

    Only £15 entry compared to the £40 Bath half and numerous others I could mention.

    2 Charities supported - all in all a great day but you can't please all the people.

    Thanks to all the Marshalls for waiting for the last Brainstrust entry who walked the course in just over 2 hours.  A very worthwhile charity and very much appreciated. 


  • Fair enough, thanks for organising it, as I said, a good morning out for me.  If I remember and am in the area I'll be back next year.

  • "But you can't please all the people"

    I find you generally can if you give them what you advertised and was paid for.

  • I thought it was a great race and well organised so thanks.

    Admittedly it was advertised that you would get a t'shirt, chip timing and goody bag - but in all honesty none of that was needed - I was happy with a medal and chocolate bar... but I guess its worth just getting the advert right so everyone knows what to expect.

    When and where will the results be displayed?



  • You are correct Sian it does say that on the runners world ad.  I will address that in future.  We are in talks with a new tee shirt supplier for future events... Some people prefer medal some prefer a tee... 

    Maybe we will do medals with an option to purchase a tee on entering? 

    Will get it all right one day image  Thanks for your commemts.

    Results will hopefully be up today on 



  • This was my first ever 10k race and I loved it even though I came home very nearly last!!! But someone has to! I prefer a medal to a tee shirt. My partner did the Seven Sins run last December and that was a bit chaotic at the beginning but pleased to see yesterday's was more organised.

    Definitely a must for next year now I've caught the bug!!   

  • this was my first ever trail run, enjoyed the course and impressed myself by finishing 14th!

    Will the photos be added to the website? 

  • Lovely course and scenery, but I was a bit disappointed that there no mile markers.Nevertheless I am sure I will run the race again next year.

    I have not seen the results, what website do the results appear on ?

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