Knee :(

Hi i have recently been have a strange sensation in my left knee on the inner side. When im running dont have any problems at all, it seems to be general through it feels like a dead knee but ive had it for a few weeks now. It hurts more when i bend or if i go on my knee's on the floor. Anyone had simular issues !


  • Have a look at this and look up lliotibal band syndrome in general; your symptoms sound similar.

    But also have a look at this (housemaid's knee) 

    Once you have had an injury for a few weeks and resting does not get rid of the symptoms you need to see a specialist

  • Thanks for your reply going to see a physion on friday but someone in my running club says when i'm running my feet turn out but they should be in a straight line. Could that be the reason i have knee niggles and what can i do to change my feet to run straight, thanks 

  • Feet turning out is over-pronating; this site seems to explain pronation well (but they are a shoe manufacturer).

    It is not an easy thing to correct and seems to make you more susceptible to injury.

    There is a wealth of opinion on this but most suggest padded shoes/ orthotics.

    Please keep me informed; I am particularly interested in the, "does not hurt when actually running" bit! 

  • Nose NowtNose Nowt ✭✭✭

    One of my feet turns out when I run.  And I have had a couple of problems with that leg  - knee problem sounds at least similar (but maybe not quite so bad as yours) - and a bit of shin splints.

    Physio says it is all related...  and told me that my foot turns out because of a weakness in my gluteus medius (spelling?)  -   He gave me an excercise - essentially stand next to a wall, side on, and try to push the wall over with my affected leg... with the outside of my knee.  I could feel this working the muscle in the side of my hip...  Hold for 10s....  and repeat a few times each day.

    I wouldn't say it totally solved my foot-alignment problem, but it made it less pronounced in less than a month, and the knee/shin problems have almost totally disappeared.  Now you remind me, I really should get doing those exercises again.

  • Hi Sideburn will keep u updated on how i go over next few months. Hi Run Wales i may try that out for a bit, i'm booked to see a physio tommorow so will hopefully find out what the problem is.

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