sharp pain on front of ankle


I know I havent posted much on here but I hope someone may be able to advise.


I recently started to feel some pain on the front of my right ankle - about where you tie bootlaces. I did think it was due to my work boots at the time as the laces are too long and I tie them all the way around before tying them up in the normal way. I have since cut the laces down and wear them looser.


I experience the pain intermittently. Like today, I was driving for 5 hours and it was fine. Sitting on the couch and I move my foot in a swivelling motion to the left and its excruciating. Also sometimes my ankle gives way coming down stairs or just walking. It is also very sore in bed when I am lying down if I move my foot suddenly.


I am not aware of doing anything extreme and causing this. A few days before I went on a 2.5 hr hike over a mountain and covered 8.5 miles. 2 days later I ran 5 miles. the pain appeared about 3 or 4 days after the last run. 2 weeks later and I'm still in pain and can't even consider a run.


Would appreciate any thoughts or advice.



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