Knee support for running?

When running I've started to get a niggling pain in my left knee. It seems to be on the outer side but internal if you know what I mean?

Recently I've been running at home on a treadmill and have just had a week off from running due to the pain. I've just jumped on the treadmill for what I hoped would be a gentle 10km at a 10kph pace but the pain started around 15 minutes into the run so I slowed down and stopped.
The pain isn't there during normal activities nor when I do my usual karate classes which is pretty intensive on knee joints.

I'm thing a knee support could be an option when running and see how it goes from there but I'm unsure of the type of support I may need. Any ideas?


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

      A knee support is really a last option when everything else has failed to help.  

    DF3 is probably right with ITBS, but its probably worth seeing a sports physio for a proper diagnosis.  Pains like this that come on only during running are normally a muscle imbalance, so if they help pinpoint the weak area it may also help your balance etc within karate.

  • Many thanks to both of you.
    After reading about ITBS it's looking very likely to be the issue for me.
    I've ruled out my trainers as I've recently had a gait analysis which resulted in me being a slight overpronator, now corrected with a pair of Brooks GTS13's.
    I have a friend from karate who's wife is a sports physio/masseur and she gave an 'over the phone' diagnosis of ITBS. I'm going to see her on Friday evening and have already been warned I may be a little sore in the morning!

  • had the same thing in january used to come on after a couple of miles manadged to get rid with sports massage and streching every day

  • Cheers Scott. Encouraging words!

  • Make sure you do keep the appointment to get a professional diagnosis from the physio. I had a similar pain I would run 4 miles and then this intense pain would sear through my knee cap and I would have to stop and walk home limping it went on for four runs before I thought 'enough is enough' as I have some big races planned this year so need to be getting in long runs. Speaking to many people about it at running club etc people kept saying ITBS to me and I looked online and thought it seemed like that  but when I booked in with a sports physio it's actually Patella Tendonitis so completely different injury.  I've been placed on a running ban which is frustrating but I know it has to be done and I'm having treatment for it, exercises, ice and volterol, yes it is sore after therapy but hoping it will speed up my return to running and believe me they hit the spots/pain where no untrained person can!. If you are still thinking about knee supports for a bit of confidence see what your physio says as depending on the type of injury you have sustained some supports can do more harm then good eg. putting extra presure on knee area. Good luck and let us know how you get on!. :0)

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