Knee Pain?

Hi All,

About a year ago I had to give up running as my knees got to painful. I used to run 6-7 miles on a treadmill regularly and managed a marathon in 2010.

I've just tried to return to running but the pain is back again. It is always after running. I don't get much discomfort during, just a bit of tightness that wears off after 20 mins.

The pain affects me directly after and the next day. It is difficult going up and downstairs. The pain seems to be at the top of the knee cap, and behind from top to bottom through the middle.

After my own research this seems to be runners knee but I'm not sure. I thought runners knee was due to IT band (pain at side of knee) or patella tendon which sits below the knee cap? If it is tendonitis of the patella tendon, would this not cause pain below the knee?

So I'm looking for advice from someone that has experienced the same, or advice regarding the jumpers knee straps that strap the patella tendon, do they work for cases like mine?

Anyway, any help appreciated as I'm at my wits end.

Thanks for reading.


  • Has anyone used the straps and recommend them?

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    I got one as I thought I had itband issues.  


    Made no difference at all, with hindsight, I think i twisted  my knee in the snow and it just needs time to heal.

    so I have a mueller strap that cost £20 lying around. If you can send a message if the site works I'll stick it in the post if you want it's no use to me, might as well be useful to someone. 

  • Thanks for the offer Booktrunk, very generous but I've got a couple coming today.

    I was wondering if anyone had had success curing runners knee with the straps or what else they had done to ease it. Guess I'm just too old!

    Thanks again - appreciated.

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