Beginner needs advice!

I had a back injury 4 years ago and by doing yoga and progressive exercise have now started running on a treadmill. Ive just got to 20 min jog - 20 min uphill walk - 10 min jog. But the last few days I have had painful knees and pain right outer thigh. Ive tried stretching beforehand (I always do yoga after cardio anyway) but I havent noticed a difference. Im due to do a 4 day hike soon and Im concerned. Should I stop running, run through the pain, stop everything, or is there a magical cure?! Please advise me, Im new to this!


  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    knee & outer thigh pain sounds like tight IT bands - if you have a yoga teacher s/he should have some suggestions for specific stretches, plus massaging the outer thigh using your body weight on a foam roller should be painful but effective.

  • Great thanks - Ive been alternating exercising and rest days and that seems to be doing the trick. Is it worth getting knee supports? Ive never been convinced theyre anything but a placebo!

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