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I'm looking for a new saddle - I have a fairly short list of requirements if anyone could point me in the right direction. 

1. Being a laydee I need a saddle that is suitable for lady parts, and will not render said lady parts unusable.  

2. Ideally the price of the saddle will not exceed my rent, nor cost me my first born son (should I have one, this is dependent partly on condition no. 1 being met)

Any thoughts? I know I should ideally try before I buy, but I can't see how I can make that work with work/life/etc. Something cheap(ish) and comfortable(ish)?

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  • Adamo Road - not sure if they do a try before you buy, but I have bought and sold on eBay without much loss in value

  • That's one funky looking saddle! How much is a good price? I've had a quick look on eBay - a bit pricier than I was thinking of paying! 

    Which begs the question - how much is the going rate for a decent saddle? Maybe I'm not being realistic about how much this is going to cost! 

  • Selle Italia x2 ladies flow. Cost just over £30. Perfectly comfy up to 70 mlies and OK after that for me and i'm a newbie. Has a nice cut out and never any discomfort on the lady parts.image

  • £100 ish depending on what the rails are made of

  • Mrs Matt got a Fizik lady saddle off ebay for £30
    SHe previously had a Specialized lady saddle that just wasnt quite right for her.
    Any chance you could borrow from people to try?
    Some shops do a try before you buy for some saddles. I know Swynnerton near us does Fizik and Selle trial saddles - There's also a tri shop in Bristol that does Adamo test saddles so I'm sure there are plenty others that will

  • I have just been trying the adamo prologue as recommended by tri bike shop. It's just not going to work so am sending it back. Have tried it for a week. They do say keep at it but I can't see myself ever being comfortable on itimage

    Will be interested to see what you end up with

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    I use a Specialized Ruby saddle and think it's the dog's doodahs.  You do need to get measured to find out what size you need though.  That said, I don't know very many women who aren't 'medium'.

    Spesh Saddles

  • I've been looking at the selle Italia diva gel flow. Everyone seems to give it good reviews. 

  • I had real dramas getting used to my Adamo saddle but I love it now. It was worth the investment

  • I was thinking of trying an Adamo saddle, but found that adjusting the one I have did the trick! image

    This company will send you a saddle to try out before you decide if you want to buy.

  • That link looks like just the sort of thing I need, thanks Wilkie image

    The Adamo saddle looks... weird. And slightly threatening. But I'd be willing to give it a go - the cost is putting me off though! I don't mind paying enough to get something decent, but I don't want to get something that's going to do me a mischief...

    T'internet trial schemes are definitely the way forward I think!

  • My one is the one my bike arrived with (Scott Syncros WR3.0) which is surprisingly comfortable - my girly bitses are relatively happy after long rides (60 miles +).  You could pop down to your LBS and ask them to recommend something or give you alternatives to try instore?

  • M..o.use wrote (see)

    I use a Specialized Ruby saddle and think it's the dog's doodahs.  You do need to get measured to find out what size you need though.  That said, I don't know very many women who aren't 'medium'.


    what do they measure?

  • I found that just tipping the nose of the standard saddle down a little made all the difference in the world, and cost nowt!  image

  • jelly beanjelly bean ✭✭✭

    The width of your camel Skotty!

  • just off to check the urban dictionary...

  • For balance, the Adamo saddle was one of the worst saddles I have ever sat on, I am like Mouse and prefer the 'less is more' approach!

  • jelly bean wrote (see)

    The width of your camel Skotty!


    skotty wrote (see)

    just off to check the urban dictionary...



    I'm very tempted by the Selle Italia - any idea what the difference is between the x1 and the x2? It means nowt to me...

  • Everyone is different but I thought i'd share my experience. I have tried several sddles... one very expensive that was like sitting on a bit of wood! One very padded that was almost as uncomfortable. A brooks that I just couldnt stick with. Finally i decided that my sit bones were quite wide and looked for a wider saddle . I bought a bontrager ssr from evans. It was cheap but so comfy! Lesson learned... expense and padding don't always mean comfort!

  • i just love the one that came with my planet x......which is a mans saddle.......narrowish........never seems to give me much problems at all...

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