very painful Verruca

Has anyone got any idea how I can get rid of this damn verruca, I have had it for nearly 2 years now. I have tried everything the chemist can offer and it has been frozen by my GP 4 times but it just seems to thrive on it all. Sometimes it is extremely painful, right on the ball of my foot so I have trouble walking, and if it lands on a stone when I am running!!! The doctor says eventually it will go, but it is showing no signs of this. Can anyone suggest anything.

I would be ever so grateful, thank you.


  • can only offer you hope - had a cluster of them when was a kid & zapped them with everything going for a year or two. Got fed up, stopped the treatments & they vanished overnight! (prob got out while the going was good). Yr doc is right - it'll go when it has a mind to.
  • Veruccas do always go eventually, Celt, but aren't very responsive to freezing. In fact, they're not very responsive to anything. I tend to tell people that freezing, paints and potions and other such things are just a psychological trick to let them feel they're doing something until their immune system acknowledges that the verucca is there and makes antibodies to get rid of it.

    Daft as it sounds, although your verucca is giving you gip, your immune system is blissfully unaware of it at the moment. "Damaging" it (which is how the available treatments work) can drive some of the viruses into the bloodstream, where they might be picked up. But it's not very reliable.

    For the moment, I'd suggest either seeing a podiatrist or getting a safety-razor and paring the verucca back regularly until you can see the little black specks within it clearly (if there are no black specks, it's not a verucca) so that you can walk and run comfortably. Use a little ring-pad if it helps. It will go. I promise!
  • Electrosurgery currettage (scooping out)or excision under a local anaesthetic may be carried out by your Podiatrist. Waiting until they resolve is like watching paint dry!and they can spread. Ensure of a correct diagnosis and that you are not treating a pressure related problem (corn).
  • DMKDMK ✭✭✭
    Nope its definitely a verruca, I did as vrap said and razored it down, and found a whole cluster of little black specks, at least its now so painful now. Thanks Vrap
  • Hi celt - you have my sympathies. I had a verruca on the ball of my foot which I got whilst at school, I finally managed to get rid of it about 2 years ago (I am 43!).

    I too had tried everything. In the end I was just very persistant with extra strength Bazouka. When I use this on my kid's feet, the veruccas are usually gone within a fortnight. With my 'old' verruca I put it on religiously every day for about 4 or 5 months. I also used a scalpel like Vrap suggested, to regularly get rid of as much excess skin as possible so that it is more comfortable.

    (incidentally - I also read somewhere that putting duct tape on warts and verrucas is just as effective as other remedies!)

    Good luck with it!

  • Go to a very hot country and walk barefoot on their very hot beach for a few days. That should shift it. Alternativley burn the bl***dy thing out with a very hot knife
  • Celt

    You have my sympathy.

    I have a grandaddy one (not quite as bad as Jo's)

    Tried blooming everything but now just keep trimming it back.
  • Must admit, if parents are insisting that "something must be done" about a kid's verucca, I tell them to put duct tape on it. It's as effective as anything else, and at least it's harmless.
  • I had many beautiful verucca's that I could not shift for many years trying all the above treatments.Eventually I changed my diet(slimming world), following a healthy fresh fruit and veg routine.They all disappeared almost overnight, I have been told they dont like a high Vitamin C diet.I have no idea if this is true but I am now free of 'Foot Cauliflowers'.Worth a try???
  • Apparently, duct tape is the way forward. I trawled out to my fortnightly freezing session last week and the nurse was well giddy saying that research from America (it had to be!) has proved it to be better than any feezing method. All you have to do is put duct tap on the verucca and replace every week, giving it a quick pumice before you cover it again. It's supposed to completely clear it up in 8 weeks. Not sure how it works but it's worth giving it a go.
  • DMKDMK ✭✭✭
    sorry for ignorance what is duct tape, where can I get it.
  • You can get it from DIY shops. Strong, nylon, really sticky stuff. Not sure what DIYers do with it!?
  • Dodgy repairs on electrical cables, mostly.
  • celt - don't know if it's any help, but I remebered reading about a treatment that apparently works and I've tracked it down to here
    The methodology seems to follow what V-rap was saying about zapping the blighters.
  • I fogot another method I use which is 'Needling' (rapidly inserting a needle into the verrucae) this induces a haematoma which also resolves the growth (Under local anaesthetic again).Verrucae may resolve in time but if they are painful then an effective treatment needs to be used.
  • I am a sea kayaker as well as a runner and we use duct tape to stop the boat sinking if I hole it :-)
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    Also a sufferer.

    This 'wait and it will go away' is not much advice. Although it doesn't stop me running it is painful and a hassle.

    I also have tried liquid Nitrogen (you can buy an applicator from Boots) - waste of time. Every chemical sold over the counter has also failed me.

    Have been reading more about the Duct tape method. One website: gives an account of using sulphur powder trice a day with duct tape. Seems a genuine guy.

    I will try the easier option - tape only for 5 days -first.

  • tea tree oil? the concentrated kind - or is that only for fungal infections?
  • I got rid of a particularly big verruca with a stanley knife and a pair of scissors. I cut around it with the knife and snipped the root out with the scissors, then I just picked the remains out with a pair of tweezers.

    Heh, I was young, it was stupid, but it worked. I also had a strange sense of satisfaction as all the standard treatments including a couple of trips to the docs hadn't.

    That'll be a nugget for the consultation thank you.

  • My OH was treating a 'verucca' for ages. It looked for all the world like one, it was painful with a black centre. It turned out to be a dog hair that had embedded itself in his foot!!!
    He eventually had it removed by a chiropodist.
  • I just created an account hadto share my success to hopefully help others. I had them on both feet for I don't know how long. 10 years? Longer? No idea. I pretty much resigned to having them forever. I tried everything including cutting them out without any luck. Then got some gel for my clearing up my skin and it was so good I thought for a laugh I'll try it on my feet. They were gone within a week!!!! Not had them since. Forum won't let me post a link but Google the product: ASAP Clearskin Bodygel with AHA/BHA. 
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    Inside of a banana skin was only thing that worked for me. After a single use you can see where it has been eating away at the verruca.Just cut a small piece and place on the verruca then stick down with an elastoplast. 
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