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well I ve read a lot comment about losing weight in generale the idea is eat less calories than you use but for some reason it does nt seem to work with me

I am a 58(french) old runner I really try to eat healthy food(mainly vegetables fruits and some pasta ,rice) running an average of 15 milles a week 

I am 180 cm high weight 94 kg and it is really difficult to lose some any advice

sorry for my english but I am french 


  • Eating healthily doesn't necessarily equate to weight-loss.  You're eating too much healthy stuff.

  • Hallam BlueHallam Blue ✭✭✭

    Have a look here: http://caloriesburnedhq.com/calories-burned-running/

    I reckon 15 miles a week is burning about 2400 calories (I estimated a 10 min per mile  pace) a week: you might need to increase your mileage. Speed work / intervals can also help.

  • I think the key is a balanced diet, keep an eye on the amount of food you are eating and exercise.  I found Spinning (indoor or studio cycling are other names for this) really helped me burn off the weight too.  There will be weeks when your weight stays the same but these will pass!

  • Its SO much easier eating too much than it is to burn off the excess by running.

    And as they say - you're eating too much healthy stuff.

    Look at hippos - a very healthy diet - and they're massive.

    Work out what you're eating - calorie wise - reduce that and increase your burn.
  • Exactly.
  • thanks everyone will work on it

  • yep defo lack of work out i notmaly run 25 _40 miles a week speed work in there too ive lost 47 pounds since january 12 the bodh needs to be pushed to its limits the weight has no chise but to come off

  • I've been running 50-65 miles a week for a few months now and haven't lost any weight. Have got a bit leaner looking but still carry too much flab. Only way for me to lose weight is very strict calorie restriction!

  • Interval training is the keyea running the same distance the same gradient at the same speed will inevitably get easier very quickly. Break it up with sprint walks, potentially increasing your pace in the process. 

    Weight loss is 75% food 25% exercise - approx 3500 cals per week between the 2 to lose 1 solitary lb!! 

  • well from last week I download (myfitneespal aps) on my mobile so I can control what I am eating have increase the distance so far good result lost 1 kg

    re thanks all

  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    I find that when I regularly run over thirty miles a week the weight comes off, even if I don't cut down on the food.


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