Sore top of thigh

Hello, with 3 weeks to go until my 10k I wanted some advice on an injury i have.

Trained for 5 months now but developed a pain at the top of my left leg AFTER running. It simply flairs up.

During running I dont have too much pain, I can feel it but it is fine to run on. But once i sit down the evening and the next day are pretty bad. The first few steps from getting out of my chair hurt, but it settles as I walk on it.

Hard to identify where the pain is, sometimes it is abductors at the top, sometimes it is top of thigh, sometimes it is groin.

I know if i rest it will clear up in a couple of weeks, but with 3 weeks to go I dont feel I can rest as i have only just completed 10km training and i only do that at 66 minutes.

Should i carry on with three or four days rest between runs and then focus on repairing after the event, or simply stop running now until the day of the race?


  • Any offer any help.

    I dont expect you comment on my injury, i know i can run through it.

    The help i need is, really if i stop training 3 weeks before the race, will my fitness and training all go to waste, or will i be ok, and possibly stronger. Maybe run for another week and stop 2 weeks before the race, or simply carry on and let it mend after it.

  • Hi John

    I have the same thing, been bothering me on and off all this year but not so much that I've been tempted to shell out cash to see a physio.

    I get it immediately after a Parkrun or tempo, also had it 10 miles into a HM in March but ran through it. Sometimes it will travel right round to the top of the hamstring at the back and sometimes catches me out when walking and suddenly twisting round.

    Not sure what it is, looking through the hip threads on here it could be anything from a strain to a replacement job!

    If it were me I would keep moving but drop the intensity. You may find it makes you a bit fresher and faster on the day.

    Good luck.

  • ouch, it is a pain in the ass all these little niggles, it is something i never really expected from running.

    Mind you i am 43 and muscles are not quite as supple as they were lol

  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭

    John, this is just my own experience so purely anecdotal, but it sounds like an ongoing issue that I have, caused by weak hip flexors.  I get aching in my psoas, occasionally hamstrings but most often in the top of my quads.  Strengthening my glutes has helped as, like many of us, I have a sedentary job and they weren't firing properly.  Likewise, strengethening my psoas has helped.

    There are loads of exercises if you google hip flexors and psoas, and if you really don't want to see a physio or osteopath. 

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