Weight Loss - Muscle Gain?

Hi all, Im very new to running regularly (about 2 mnths now) and have worked up to running 3 miles non stop (in about 30mins). Two things, is this decent progress? (I have no idea lol) and also Im running to (help) lose weight, but seemed to have stalled with losing wieght, I ran 3 miles every day for 6 days last week, would my legs be putting on muscle at those rates (and hence my apparent weight stall?) or would I expect to just see my legs toning up?



  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    More toning.


    jst lots hit plateaus in diets, just need to maybe put more variety into diet sometimes eating a bit more for. Few days helps... The body can get used to things and it just needs changing around at times. 

  • Excellent progress on the running. Maybe doing too much too soon?

    Running is great for general health and I find it very relaxing but it's not the best way to lose weight or gain leg muscle. 3 times 10 min miles at 200lbs=450 calories which isn't very much. A tenth of a pound of fat maybe. You really need to cut out fat from your diet.



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