Can anyone make me a running schedule?

Hi all - I am completely new to this forum and, relatively new to running.

I have just completed my finals at University and over the course of a month I have managed to gain 2 stone - safe to say: I eat when I am stressed!

In about a month's time I will be attending my graduation; BUT, I really want to lose this flab which I have put on. I am a very motivated person and, am willing to run every day for a month if need be. However, I am no expert and would like someone more knowledgable to offer a sort of training programme. I know that if I have targets to achieve (certain distance in certain time; over period of a month) I willl strive to do it!!

My details: I am a 21 year old male. My last run was last week (7.5 km in 52 Minutes.) To be honest I stopped lots of times and then at the end I just stopped because I didn't really have a target to reach. I think if someone is able to say to me (e.g.) Day 1 - 5km in Xminutes. I can do it and so on! I also understand that I won't necessarily lose all the weight; but, I DO want/need to lose the flab.

So, for those of you out there with experience : Please could you lend a hand? I just ask for a month's worth of programme to follow...

Many thanks!



  • Of course exercise will burn excess fat, but the real trick to weight loss is managing your food consumption. As well as running, consider joining the likes of Slimming World which can help train yourself into eating well.

  • Hi MA25, I imagaine that if you have finished your exams then your comfort eating will subside and your eating habits will return to normal. This alone should mean you return to your normal body weight.

    To speed this up though, you want to exercise so that your heart rate is in the fat-burning zone, which means a lot of speed work to keep your heart rate high. You say you're new to running, but you recently ran 7.5km, which is a good distance so it's hard to come up with a plan! 

    Try other sports, as well as running, which will help tone up other areas of your body. Swimming is great for this, plus has less impact on your joints, especially useful if you're new to running.

    Stephen Fry lost a load of weight by walking miles while listening to audio books. He said the time just flew by. With the weather at the moment, this sounds idyllic!

    A friend of mine keeps a small dumbell by her sofa, so whenever she's vegging out watching tv she can do loads of small weight-lifting reps! 

    Good luck!

  • The last thing you want to do is run everyday. Firstly, you'll pick up injuries. Secondly, the best way to lose weight is to mix up your training. If you are a member of a gym, use the cross-trainer, bike, rower, swim and also weights (light weights and high reps best for losing weight rather than building muscle). If you're able to train everyday then train at a level that allows you to recover for the next session. A 1 hour run at slow pace will be much better for you than running hard for 30 mins. Hope that helps.

  • It is going to be far easier to sort yourself out by getting the diet in control supported by a bit of exercise. As someone who lost several stone, and does a lot of exercise I know what I would focus on. During the weight loss stage I was doing nothing other than walking daily

    It is really easy to consume say 3,500 calories extra in a week in the form of snack / treats, yet you are looking at running 30 - 40 miles in a week to lose that extra energy. That 3,500 calories represent approx 1Lb of weight

  • Exactly what Mr AR says.

    I can run 10 miles and that'll take me the best part of two hours. That's about 1000 calories.

    I can eat 1000 calories by scoffing a pack of pringles. That's about 20 mins work.

    I've actually done both on the same night. Hmmmmm.

    You need to burn an extra 3500 calories to lose 1 lb. So you could eat the same and run 35 miles a week, or reduce your calories and do some sensible exercise.
  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Yeah, it's depressing I ran 26.2 miles and only burnt 2172 calories ;( so you are going to have rio run about 35 miles a day to loose your two stone in a month... Then again you could eat less and exercise. 

  • MA25, I'd echo the more constructive comments above regarding cross training, sensible eating and limiting the amount of runs/miles you do in a week until you have an established regime in place.  I'd also add that reading up on the best way to train might not only provide you with some vital information, but could possibly motivate you to chase your goals too.

    I'd recommend Hal Higdon's website.  He's got loads of information and useful links as well as some really decent training schedules to get you in to a sensible running pattern whilst also chucking in some cross training at the appropriate points. 

    Good luck to you.

  • First off - MANY thanks for the kind tips and comments. And, I'll try to answer as much as possible.

    When I say i'm new to running, I mean it in the sense of knowing all that you guys do: as far as running is concerned I have tried running over the past 4 years: I just never know what I'm doing. When on holiday last summer, I used to do a very sweaty mountainous 10k in the heat (time ranged initally from 1hr30 to 55mins) - I did it over the course of the summer and was just doing this path which i found and measured at 10k (with phone app) - so my target then was time.

    Now instead: i basically run around the sports campus of the university - I have managed to set myself a track which is 5km. Ie: go round twice for 10k and so on...

    What do I want from this? - I know i can't lose 2 stone as some weight will transfer as muscle etc. I just want to tone up i suppose and, be able to fit into the 3 trousers and t-shirts and shirts which I can no longer fit into! 

    As regards eating: obviously i'll stop eating the junk in between meals and so forth: I will try to eat healthily; however, Im not really up for completely chaning my diet: I don't live alone and it is unpratical to do so - What i CAN do is not eat crips/sweets etc and not eat TOO much. 

    However, i realise the question of someone to set me a programme is weird as you, i presume, are all doing running as a sport; where as I intend to run as a method of calory burning. SO, my theory was that I knew that when I was able to do the 10k during summer I was fairly toned. 

    As a few have mentioned it is better to mix up my you suggest running every other day, and use of cardio machines the even days? and if so, to what extent? (an hour of each machine etc?)

    FInally: ok, i know i wont lose two stone, but aim high and at least ill be better (and more confident and happy!) than where i am now!

    thanks am3

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