Just starting..

Last week I walked around 3.5 miles every evening after work with the puppy. 

I am a Childminder so I walk a lot during the day anyway, but I need to start getting fitter and lose some of this excess baggage!


I went out and did a run today, I last went out two nights ago and was speed walking, doing 3.5 miles in 50 minutes.  Today I decided why not.. Let's jog... Oh my Lord I got shinsplints and it's still hurting now image I was jogging for two mins and then walking two mins at intervals but half way through I couldn't even speed walk back..


I was wondering if my weird knees had anything to do with it.  Basically they point inwards when my feet are straight, a personal trainer once told me it's because my glute muscles are so weak that my knee points inwards but once it gets strengthened it should pull my knee in line?  Basically it really hurts and "stretches" when I try to walk with my feet pointing forward they kind of go into a 10 to 2 position (on a clock) and in that position my knees are straight pointing forward.


Has anyone had this before and will this go away?  Any advice for shinsplints it really hurts and is putting me off running.. Thanks!


  • I was told many years ago that I have 'squinting patella' which means that my shins are curved and my feet point out at 10 to 2 jusI like yours! I used to do a lot of aerobics and general gym work and was ok as long as I stretched well and didn't eat oranges ( seriously they make my knees ache something chronic) but had lost fitness the past five years or so.. 

    An encouraging son and a new custom fitted pair of trainers in Sweatshop has had me go from weary couch potato to 5k runner in 10 weeks!

    I had to start on 100 paces jogging, 200 paces walking cos I certainly couldn't run for more than a minute without stopping! I expect lots of people will be able to offer cures for shin splints , even if it's just rest till they're better, but take it slow and give yourself a break when you need it, it takes a while to build up fitness and strength. I'm loving Parkrun which gets me doing 5k every Saturday morning and trainining mid week, either walking or re-bounding on my mini-trampoline, in pursuit of a regular PB....so far I've improved from 42 mins to sub 34 this week and finally it was comfortable rather than resolute tough slog all the way ???? just enjoy and listen to your body - oh, and I do take Aloe Vera, wheatgrass and Omega 3 stuff so maybe that helps kees me supple too!

    Good Luck

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