Harting Trail 10

Anyone know anything more about this, looks like a new event but good reviews about milland Valley which seems to be it's predecessor.

Timing fits well with me training for my first marathon in october so definately thinking about this,. 

As I say any inside info would be usedful image


  • Don't know any more than the website says - but I'll certainly be giving it a try simply because Milland Valley was always an excellent event, both for course and organisation.
    If it fits with your marathon plan I'd say give it a go.

    On a more practical note - MV could be quite tricky in wet conditions and lots of opportunities to tumble down hills! This event sounds a little less rugged! I always wear road shoes on the terrain involved - but that's just my preference.
    Don't panic about the cut-off, it's easily achievable.

  • Race director here. As limper says check out our website, a gentler alternative to "The Milland" but hard enough. Very much going to be less muddy and less rugged. First time of this race but hoping it will establish it's self like Milland did.

    Any further questions let me know.



  • I'll miss some of those stunning descents Tom!


  • Sounds good and interesting, think I'm in, sort out entry at weekend image

    Tom is there parking?

  • Limper... stunning views though!

    Hello Nellyp, I have agreement for parking on the sports field at South Harting but only if the ground is dry - Please weather let's have a good summer for a change!. If not it's around the village where ever possible but may involve a up to 10 minute walk to race HQ that will still be at the Sports Field.


  • Is that the same sports field as usual Tom? And will there be cake and coffee in the clubhouse? If so, I'm in!

  • Hello Limber,

    No different village, a few miles to the South. I don't think they will look after us as well as at Milland and we will have to try and get at least cake, tee, coffee and soft drinks sorted ourseleves all going well.

  • Appologises if this message shows twice, first time it dissapeared frm screen image

    Anyway entry in!!!

    Looks like a year of firsts, this will be my first trial race (not sure at my pace race is the correct word!!!) then my first marathon in October.

    Hope the weather is good for this and hope it's not as tough as it looks on the hill profile page image 

  • Tom, moticed the web site says mainly tracks (or something like that) assuming it stays dry whats best trail or road shoes?



  • Hello NellyP

    Really hard to say. There are sections of forest tracks with shallow ruts and a small section with tree roots and a little bit of loose stuff on the path surface. A lot of the course is narrow tarmac farm lanes. if it stays dry I'd say road shoes would be fastest if you have good balance. If you have multi-surface shoes, wear these. I would not recommend deep stud shoes.

    Hope that helps.

  • Thanks Tom, fastest is not something I will be worried about image if I can get around in about 1:40 I'll be happy, think I'll use my NB trail shoes no deep studs just a bit more grip.

    Looking forward to next week even if I've never climbed that much in a race (or training run ) before image

  • Tom, big thank you to you and your team a great event (apart from the hills!!!), just about to go onto the events site and mark the event with high scores (apart from PB potential!!!).


    Please pass on my thanks to the brilliant marshalls who were encouraging at every point.


    Great event.

  • This was great.  Route and organisation fantastic.  I am in Bedfordshire and hadn't run in South downs before but this was definitely worth the trip.  Hope it becomes a regular fixture.  

  • Superb event Tom, great mix of hills & woodland with plenty of fantastic marshalls. 

    Hope to be back next year. image

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