After a marathon


i have recently finished the Paris and VLM and in the first couple of months of training for them I was hitting 7 min per mile. I went out for my first run this week since London and could barely stick to 8 min per mile and only ran 3 miles!! I know it's a stupid question but I feel like I have lost my fitness levels already !

I have made myself enter a 5 mile run to see if I can push myself ... I really want to concentrate on smashing my PB in 10ks and halfs and just frustrated !!!

Is this normafeel feel like this ?




  • Kayleigh, what sort of run were you hitting 7 min/miling.  I wouldn't expect to do anything other than very easy runs for the first two or three runs after a marathon. Don't worry about speed to start with - just get out and enjoy some relaxed running for a few days without having the pressure of a marathon on your shoulder.

    Once you are feeling relaxed, start to add back in some speed sessions.  

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Yes, completely normal.  I've only been doing easy pace running since London and whilst the legs are beginning to feel normal again, I'm keeping an eye on heart rate/pace ratio and it's still WAY off what I would expect to see when on top form.  It's not loss of fitness, probably a lot more to do with recovery still going on at some level or other.  Your endurance fitness will have benefiited greatly from marathon training but it may take a while yet to get the top end back.  Your 10k PB may be a little way off yet but be patient and keep at it.

  • Phil's right. You've not lost fitness, you're just recovering from running hard races. Watch you don't give yourself enough recovery time. Might be wise not to push yourself too hard for another month or so. I always find it really easy to pick up injuries following on from tough races no matter what distance they were...

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