Return after stress fracture

I have been diagnosed with a 2nd metatarsal stress fracture and put into a removable cast. I was training for the manchester marathon last week. I have not run since the 1st April which is which is when my injury started but i have for the last 2 weeks been swimming mon -fri. I was running approx 40 miles a week over 5 days. I need advice over how to return to training when allowed to stop myself a) gomong back to it too quick and b) to prevent it happening again please.


  • Try Googling Dr. Pribut's advice on returning from a stress fracture. I used that as a guideline after a tibial stress fracture a few years ago. I found that I needed about twice as long off as initially thought (3 months), but was able to return to full running on hard surfaces a little faster than the 7 weeks he recommends. I think I was back to 15 miles a week after 4 weeks. The main principle is to start back on soft surfaces with run-walking, never on consecutive days, slowly increasing the run segments, and gradually increasing the number of days and back to hard surfaces.

    After that injury, I used the Furman 3 day a week program for years as I was really paranoid of reinjury, and on 3 days a week I was rarely if ever injured. Now I'm back on 5 days a week, and despite achieving lots of PBs keep getting injured. Might be time to switch back!

    Good luck. It's soo frustrating, but it will go away and you'll be fine.

  • Thank you so much for the advice, much appreciated ! Will def google your recommendations image

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