Short HM schedule (post marathon)

Hi - have just completed a marathon  and entered a HM in 5 weeks time.  I'm trying to find a schedule which can get me up to speed in the next few weeks as I find it hard to train without a piece of paper telling me what to run & when.  I've looked at the training plans on here but can't find anything below 12 weeks.  Can anyone point me in the right direction please?  Also, how realistic am I for wanting to run the HM at full effort 5 weeks after a marathon PB? Thanks.


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  • It is not unrealistic to run a good half marathon five weeks after a marathon as you should have a good aerobic base already in place. The temptation may be to hit the training hard, whereas you will probably be better off letting yourself recover for a couple of weeks with some easy runs / cross training, and then follow up with some faster sessions in the week or two before the half.

    I can't see there being anything published to train for a half 5 weeks after a marathon - that is quite specific. Some useful reading is P&D Advanced Marathoning as it has a chapter in running multiple marathons. They have a schedule for 4 weeks between races. You could adapt this by putting in some half marathon specific sessions. The focus is very much on recovering fully before the next race.  

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    I think it's very realistic, my best halls have always been in May after an April marathon. I usually forget about long runs for a week or two, then start back with a gentle ten miles or so, and do maybe 15 two weeks before the half. Midweek I would look at 6-7 miles tempo runs and good hill sessions/intervals. that marathon training is going to stay with you for a while yet, I think you'll do well.

    if you really need a plan, just work back from race day and crash into one of ones you like, you should be able to pick it up ok.

  • Pfitzinger and Douglas has post-marathon recovery schedules and also multi-marathon schedules, which you might find useful with a bit of tweaking.

    Edit: somehow my brain completely missed the mention of P&D in AR's response.

  • Thanks all - have just purchased P&D so will take a look. 

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