Ultrasport navrun 500 GPS Watch Review

Hi all as promised I thought I'd write a review on a GPS watch I have purchased. Hopefully it may help somebody who were looking at the lower end of the GPS watch market

I bought it for £77 off Amazon. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Ultrasport-GPS-Navrun-500-Heart-Rate/dp/B003XII6YS

I was looking at lower end Garmin or a Soleus but I took a rather large gamble and went for the Ultrasport.

It took about 5 days to be delivered and was well packaged and kept safe. The actual box the watch comes in is nothing to write home about, pretty bland.

On opening the box first thing I noticed was that the watch actually looked like a watch image I know it sounds daft but I wanted something I could wear all the time. Its not flashy at all but is very sturdy and looks like it will last a very long time. Also it comes with a heart rate monitor, which again is very well put together and works a treat. It also comes with a USB clip for charging and data transfer. Its like a crocodile clip but again it works very well and feels solid. It comes also with about 4 or 5 instruction manuals covering different languages, I think Ultrasport must  be German as the watch comes through with the default language setting of German, but it only takes 30 seconds to change the language to English, the manual shows you how.Finally it comes with a teeny CD that has a kind of rip off of the Garmin program for looking at your data, more of that to come.

So far so good, how well does the watch perform. It takes 3 hours for a first time charge, 2 hours for a full charge there after and a 15minute charge will give you an hour of GPS. Battery life without GPS can be up to a year! With GPS on I have made it out to be roughly 9-10 hours. Turning the watch on for the first time (Indoors) it took 2 minutes to acquire a satellite, but since then it take about 10-15 seconds, even inside my house at certain points.

As I am injured I thought I'd take it for a walk. I used a route that I know to be smack on 1.5miles, low and behold the watch agreed. You have so many options that I cannot remember but i'll try....you have, time, stopwatch,heart rate, heart rate max, heart rate avg, altitude, distance, speed, Avg speed, top speed, pace, average pace, calories burnt, heading, lap distance, lap number, lap time, compass, amongst other things. They all seem to be on the ball, when my car speedo said 40mph the watch did too, when I done a mile in my car the watch agreed. However I am not too sure about the altitude. So the watch functions and does what it's meant to. The best thing is its so easy to use and the amount of freedom you have to set the watch up how you like it. When running you can alternate between 3 screens, you can do this manually or choose for it to change every 3 seconds. On these screens you choose what you want, for instance I have on the first screen PACE DISTANCE TIME the second screen AVG SPEED SPEED CALORIES BURNT and on the third screen ALTITUDE TIME AVG PACE. I forgot to mention that you enter all your details into the watch initially weight age etc.

It comes with a heart monitor which fits well and does what it needs to do and seems to be accurate, I have a rest heart rate of 54 and it reads 53-54 on the watch image

The software that comes with it is pretty basic but has everything you will need, you can program the watch wholly through the software saves you pressing buttons on the watch which after a while can be fiddly. Just a case of using the crocodile clippy thingy and pressing data retrieve and everything saved on the watch downloads. You get a google earth map which shows you where you


  • I am looking at a lower end GPS watch and have found this one on Amazon, it certainly seems like a bargin.

    What do you think off it now you've used it a bit more? Still good?  Any issues?

  • I done my first ultra yesterday and I was running with a bloke who had a Garmin and the amount of time the thing packed up on him, I wouldn't touch one. Plus talking to another chap his battery life on his was 6 hours! Thats pretty poor. Plus he lost a weeks worth of runs because the watch deleted them all!

    My Ultrasport got me all the way through and again I found it to be spot on. It took me nearly 7 hours and I had 8 hours battery life left.

    I really really like it. The best thing about it is that its very easy to use once you get a grip of it, which was about 15 minutes. It charges up extremely quick too. Its not too bulky and I wear it all the time and seems very stury, its not scratched or anything.I still havent even come close to using it to its full potential.

    Things that perhaps are not great - the software is basic, I think the Garmin software is all singing and dancing, but this will give to everything the Garmin does but its not as glossy shall we say. Software has a calender that maps all your runs - it has google earth to show you where you have been, you can scroll your little running man through the route you have done to find exactly what your stats were for any given moment. Then you have a graph which shows you all the info. I was a bit miffed with the watches elevation but after yesterday I can see it was spot on actually. The miles I ran were also spot on. SO I think its very accurate too. The only glitch it has on the odd occasion is when you start a run for the first 10 seconds the graph shows you running crazy elevation or speed until it settles down. I find that if you switch the gps on first and then press start it gets round this, instead of just pressing start training.

    Garmin has the gloss this watch doesn't but it blows Garmin out the water for reliability, battery life, glitches etc. I'm still after a month really pleased with it

  • You still happy with this ??

    im after something Thant I can see my current pace and would like a heart rate monitor. Been looking at fr 10 fr 210 andfr610 I don't mind spending more money but if this does the job

  • Yeah. No major problems really. Only niggle is now and again when you chop the info across to pc it converts it to KM. But that takes a push of  a button to convert it back to miles. Its probably summin I am doing wrong somewhere along the line

  • Just bit the bullet and ordered one today. would have liked the 310 but cant really justify the extra £60 for it.

    Will see what its like at the weekend


  • Whats the A-GPS that keeps popping up and doesnt look to be doing alot do?

  • hi everybody. 

    i bought Navrum 500 after i read these comments about 2 weeks ago, and I have done a few long runs.

    everything looks as described above, besides the heart monitor.

    It doesnt work at all, and every time I try to sychronize it with the watch it fails.

    I only succeed to make it work for less than 200m and after that nothing...

    Have u face the same problem maybe? 

  • Ive found it to be a bt hit and miss but i do get it working everytime. I think i might be missing something somewhere. I dont think its faulty i just dont think im doing it right. It took me a few goes to get it working propetly. I wear the strap quite high and biased towards the left side. When its not showing i lift it andplace it back again. It only seems to get working after a few minutes and once my heart rate is high but i do get it working. Let me know if you have anymore luck. Ive never really read the instructions to be fair image

  • ok, thanx a lot for the feedback. unfortunately no luck yet, I sent an email to the manufacturer company and waiting for their reply

  • I'm liking everything I'm reading about this watch so far. 

    I've had a Garmin Forerunner 110 for a year now, my first gps watch, and I thought it was great. Well, it was, but quite often the screen would mist up, and last Saturday, after a not very wet run, there were actual water droplets inside along one edge, which affected the start/stop function. After drying it out (in a bag of rice for 3 days), I took it on a nice dry run today, not too cold, and the entire screen has water droplets inside (happened during the run). 

    So, have you found any problems like this with the Ultrasport? Any misting at all? I've got this watch in my wish list on amazon, but I'm thinking it's too good to be true! Garmin will want to charge me a set fee of £60 for sending in the FR110 as I'm about 3 weeks to a month out of warranty. But I'd rather have something more reliable. 

  • Rod; email Garmin and if you're the original owner then they'll probably replace your 110.

    I find my Garmin works as it should 99% of the time; no messing about with HRM's, downloads straight to computer/Strava and aside from 1 run where the bezel locked up it's been pretty faultless.  This sounds like a bag of spanners.

  • I am not too happy with mine. The heart rate monitor can be way out. Almost 90 beats at times. It varies though. Sometimes it is spot on. I just can't rely on it. Resting heart rates is the worst....

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