Greenwich Park

For all those runners/joggers who frequent Greenwich Park and are completely shocked when runners say 'Hi' as they pass, or try to make some form of eye contact to say 'Hi', I'd just like to try and explain why we do it. Basically, we're not mad, short of friends, or trying to befriend you to try and get some of the money that your Uncle George left you, it's just polite, informal, and simply friendly runner's etiquette. And if there's any cyclists who cover the SE London, Kent area, it takes nothing to nod back as you pass.

Rant over !!


  • I run regularly in Greenwich park and always try to acknowledge other runners. Some respond, some ignore but no more than anywhere else in England.

    I like the park - traffic isn't a problem, its got some good hills but also nice long, flat stretches, there are good on and off road routes and plenty of toiles and drinking stations.

  • Fair play TAS sounds like you're talking about me but it's normally because I'm too knackered or enjoying rare thinking time that I don't make eye contact with anyone. Left work today and it was almost light so I'll soon be running in the evenings inside the park rather than round the outside and will try to make an effort.

  • Is it just us formumites who are nice sociable people?

    Every thread has a rant about the antisocial behaviours of the ignorant runners. And us Southerners (London) seem to come in for the most stick.

    Yet it is us forumites who seem to be pushing the boundaries of running etiqete so let us continue and evernutally the others will follow.

    And for those forumites who are just to knackered to bleat a simple hello. THEN SLOW DOWN. You should know the rules, if your not able to hold a conversation your running too fast for your heart. So slow down, chill out, say hello or join another runner mid way AND ENJOY YOURSELF.
    You'll enjoy your running all the more.
    Good rant TAS
  • Greenwich park anti clockwise is social running, NO really steep bits.
    Greenwich park clockwise is for people who like to hurt themselves and talking is often not an option.

    On a Sunday morning I am an obnoxious little b***ard and will run next to poor unsuspecting people saying " Morning " repetetively until they respond by either saying morning or slashing their wrists: If you meet me out running for your own safety say hello!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Back again (formerly TAS and originator of this thread), and I can't believe that it's taken over 5 months for someone to respond. To be honest, can't believe that it was read after so long. But anyway, hope to see you all over the next few months. Keep on running !!

  • I agree with you, Multi (why the change of name - did you get married ?!). It must have taken DH all evening to dig the initial posting up! DH, were that bored last night?!?!

    jim, are you sure you got you sense of direction right ?! I'd say it is the other way round. Don't you have that killer of a hill on the right hand side (about 90 degrees, isn't it?) if you anti-clockwise? The one on the left is not so bad, albeit longer. In fact, that's where I do my hill sessions.

    Talking of which, any of you does their running there first thing?

    See you there some time. Probably.
  • I'm a regular in the park and always try to give a friendly nod or wave to other runners. It's fair to say that the response is very varied!

    Still a great place to run though.
  • Lurker and Multi - No, I'm not that sad and would rather be running than at the compter. I came across this thread by accident when looking for the one on the Meridian Greenwich Park 10k race last Sunday. Multi made a good point so I commented - I didn't notice this was an old thread.

  • Bladesman, I agree entirely ! GP is indeed a top place to run. Clockwise or anti-clockwise, I find a few laps of the perimeter plus a nice easy jog back over the Heath and then back to sunny Lee really sets me up for the week ahead !! Does anyone know if the toilets still close at 4pm in the summer months ?
  • Hi Folks,

    Another Greenwich Park runner here. I am afraid I am a clockwise runner, and I have solved the problem of the hilly bit. Don't go that far, just stay to the circuit which is at the top of the hill.

    I think one circuit is about a mile. At least I hope it is.

    I have to agree Greenwich is a great place to be, despite having my toes ripped off by a couple of roller balders.

  • I used to run in Greenwich Park too, until I moved away from Deptford. Well, I used to run roudn the outside of it on the dark mornings, it was just too scary in the dark!

    And had I been spoken to, I would have responded.

  • No, tibby, you should include the hill on the left - it's good for you! Plus, you'd then have a wider circuit.

    As cns says, better do it early before it gets filled up, which it invariably does each day.
  • Hi guys - did any of you do the actual 10k last week? As it was my first run THIS YEAR ! it was pretty tough for me. I think 58mins. was my slowest time ever! And that big long hill (TWICE!) wasn't much fun. Although I did manage to gasp some words of encouragement or some gibberish anyway to a fellow runner who decided to walk up it second time around.Good call! Enjoyed the Observatory and museum after ....and Cutty Sark and the market...when's the next race?

  • Aha, so that's what was occurring? I went through the Park, on my way for my long run, and I saw some people gathering there. I kind of guessed but wasn't sure. Now I know.

    What was the course for the 10k then, MG? Is it just going round twice? I know exactly what you mean regarding that long hill! That's where I do my hill sessions, but I wouldn't like to have it (never mind twice) in a race!
  • This may not make sense even to locals;
    Race starts in stretch of road/path by bandstand, along to water fountain, down to gates, mini lap back to park gates then anticlockwise round park edge and meanders down to botton of park then up main road to roundabout by water fountain again. Then another lap of big circuit. The second time up the hill is ok as near finish.

    Given the ideal location, that you didn't know about it may back up my theory that it's not publicised quite as well as some other races.

  • Thanks SB, I think I just about followed you there!

    So, how did you, yourself, hear about it SB? I didn't see many people as I went by, do I take then that the number of participants was fairly small?

    Any idea where to find more info about it?


  • Hi Lurker- sorry didn't get back to you!and thanks to you SB for full course description - better than I could have done. I just remember that b***** hill!I reckon there where a couple of hundred runners at the start - we obviously got very spread out - and I saw the first runner crossing the line in about 36 mins!
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    Did that 10k as my first ever race 2 years ago but haven't been able to do it again since. Prefer to run on the outside of the park - Maze Hill is a good run from Woolwich Rd up to Blackheath.
  • I'm a regular GP runner as well (clockwise only - I find the hill on the Maze Hill side much easier) and always try to say hi! I do often have my headphones on tho so don't always hear what (if anything) is said back....

    I even did my speedwork there on Monday afternoon - probably didn't say anything to anyone during my reps so I apologise if you saw me and I ignored you!

  • None of you is to be found there early in the morning though, are you?!

    FANY, what kind of speedwork do you do there? I mainly use GP for hill work, or just go through on way to other far places (long runs).
  • having now run around Crystal Palace park I can honestly say that I really do miss GP! CP is boring. And considering it's built on a hill, finding a suitable path to do hill reps on was almost impossible.

    I also miss sitting outside the COach And Horses with a pint of Old Speckled Hen...

  • Is that before or after your sessions, cns ?!?!

    Also, you could always run to GP from CP for your medium long runs!
  • oh teh sitting in the covered market was in my days before I became a r*nner
  • FLM - Greenwich 10k was in the Runner's World race diary and did get over 300 entrants (a few down on 2002) but given the suberb venue, I would have thought they could have filled it by e.g. putting up posters in the park, handing out flyers at other events etc (Hope this doesn't sound critical.)

    cns - not sure you'd recognise the Coach & Horses, mate - it's been given the 'paint everything white and bung in a few sofas' treatment

  • Thanks SB. I guess the reason I didn't know about it was because I am not looking for 10k races at this stage (preparing for marathon). Having said that, I would definitely like to run it at some point in the future (although as I mentioned before, I'd be dreading going up that hill TWICE in race conditions!).

  • I've really enjoyed reading this thread.

    I'm a beginning runner and Greenwich Park is where you'll find me early most mornings running (slowly). I've actually found people to be very friendly - and there is a core group of runners/walkers/dog owners I see almost every day. Most have been really encouraging of my progress and knowing they are watching helps keep me motivated.

    The Greenwich 10k was my first race - and I'm happy to hear that REAL runners share my view on THAT hill appearing twice in the route!! (btw - the route is still posted in some of the notice boards in the park - it's a small photocopied map with blue highlighter marking the route)

  • Thanks for the tip about the map, SG. If you are there most mornings I am sure I'd seen you then! Next time I am in there, I'll go round shouting 'Susan' !!

    If you keep training there, I am sure you'll be an elite (never mind a real one; you're already that) athlete in no time!

    Keep going.
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