pins & needles in stability shoes??

Just wondering if any1 can help, Ive recently changed (with advice from Sweatshop) from neutral to stability shoes as I now have fallen arches (I was getting shin splints quite alot with neutral shoes but that was the only problem with them). I have now tried 2 different types of stability trainers (Sweatshop have been great!) and I am now getting pins & needles in my toes on left foot and sometimes right foot too, starts after about 15 mins & comes and goes for the rest of my run and its really uncomfortable. I havent had any injuries or changed anything but my trainers so I can only think they are the culprit? If any1 else has any ideas (i have done ALOT of Googling!) any advice would be great. Thinking I might just go back to neutral trainers and just put up with the occassional shin splints as they are less uncomfortable!! image


  • Loosen your laces ... it is possible that it is not related to whether you have stability or neutral

    May be the size is wrong also ?

    Build up the calf muscles to help with avoiding shin splints, keep a good technique and stretch after

  • JindaleeJindalee ✭✭✭
    Hi, I also had trouble with the stability shoes I first bought. The toes in my right foot were so painful after a couple of miles that I couldn't even move them any more and running was really painful. I played with the insoles and kept running In them and in the end my toes were fine. I did a couple of HM in them and started to get knee pain... so I bought cushioned shoes which have been great.
  • I have tried loosening my laces and it made no difference, I honestly cannot link it to anything else other than the shoes otherwise its a massive coincidence!Size is also fine im a whole size bigger than my 'normal' shoes. Jindalee what is "a couple of HM"?did u give up on the stability ones and just get cushioned ones? Thanks for all the ideas!

  • JindaleeJindalee ✭✭✭
    Hi fluffysue. I actually run 3 half marathons in my stability shoes, not 2, and had pain in my knees after each of them. So I gave up on the stability shoes and bought the cushioned shoes instead in which I never had numb toes or knee pain.
  • Thanks Jindalee, i have had a bit of knee pain in my left knee aswell with the stability shoes, think my best bet is to go back to the neutral/cushioned shoe. Thanks for all the advice! image

  • JindaleeJindalee ✭✭✭
    Hi fluffysue. I think if you get knee pain as well it's probably better to look at a different shoe as it's not fun to run when you are in pain. Good luck in finding the right shoe!
  • Thanks again, i will keep u posted and let u know when/if im pain free! image

  • JindaleeJindalee ✭✭✭
    Yes pls let us know how you are getting on. Hope you find your perfect shoe quickly so you can really enjoy running image
  • Not much luck so far, bought some cheap neutral shoes to try (on my treadmill so i will be taking them back to the shop!) just to compare and had the numbness &pins & needles in both my feet (sole of my forefoot and toes)! will probably just take the stability 1's back to Sweatshop & swap them for neutral but with loads of forefoot cushioning as I am a forefoot striker and think lack of cushioning may be contributing! I will also visit my doc (if i get the time!) and mention it to him. This is all so frustrating, have just started a new job & its quite stressful &my running keeps me sane! image

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